Friday 9 September 2011

Mother nature is ultimate

We presume that we have almost done everything with the advancement of science and technology but in reality nature is playing a vital role in our existence on palnet earth. My points may correspond the recent happenings in the World of agriculture. In recent times, Somalia appears in the headline news! thousands succumed to death due to hunger and millions on the search of food and shelter. The reason is DROUGHT,no rainfall, no moisture so, no agriculture. Let us introspect, assess,what is our advancement?


  1. Drought is natural phenomena,we have no control over this!

  2. According to me DROUGHT is natural calamity we may prevent it by planting lots of plants and preserving forest land through using the latest science and technology.

  3. In these hi tack world every thing is changing with the help of science & technology,but all those things are related with nature directly or indirectly all the materials that we used for our development or use, is linked with nature. Nature is ultimate and unlimited but in a certain boundary.The problem of Drought or no rainfall is a natural phenomena human cannot fight with nature but he can change some things if he want. Example if he respect nature or natural things. If he planting more and more trees and plants and preserving forest and there animals then many things will balance automatically in nature, because all the things in this world it may be living or non-living is related with nature, nature is our mother all the things that we need we got from nature.