Thursday 1 March 2012

Agartala city is yet to cater the Automatic Sugarcane Juice maker.

     In the year 1994, 1998 and 2001, while enjoying the Garden city Bangalore (now Bengaluru), I had the opportune moment to experience the Bangalore city.
In the early 2000, the Metro City was just initiating the over head road structure by now, it is heard that the city is perplexed with overhead road to ease the massive traffic in the city.
      While, many things had been seen but could cherish some moments in gastronomy or otherwise induced the gastronomic juice with city’s some traditional and non-traditional cuisine. However, many had faded in the memory but some had impacted and repeatedly reminded the moment. One such moment was cherishing the chilled lemon sugarcane juice. The juice centre was just near to the majestic the heart centre of the city. It was small but everything was looking clean and nice.
     The sugarcane rake up to be used for juice making had been peeled up removing all dirt smeared with the outer thick skin of the sugarcane.
      The auto or semi-automatic machine was rather looking spotless aluminum or steel proving its good hygienic maintenance. The sipping was a good experience, no hesitation, no fear but only real tasting as if it was.
     The cost of chilled flavored lemonade sugarcane juice was barely rupees ten per glass. The customers! It was really rush; you have to be in queue to fetch a glass of chilled sugarcane juice.
      Economical aspects, of course, it was only assumption but could be imagined that the juice centre sales in volume and earn a good income from the business.
In addition to the automated machines, there were of course manual crusher juicer for sugarcane mounted on the platform of movable bicycle like structure.
      Now, let us see the condition at the Agartala city, there is no such centre in the city like Agartala which is strange in congruity with multiple outlets of other popular low cost restaurants mushroomed over the city.
      Sugarcane juice, if offered in a manner like Bangalore city would really get good number of takers who otherwise have to depend on movable cane juice crusher. Here, although people take to salivate the thirsty in the summer but they take with hesitation being the juice is extracted so un-hygienically that the look of juice itself is so dirty / scary due to dirt matter content in the juice.
    The youth or otherwise other entrepreneur-minded should not wait for sky scraper thing to happen but take this opportunity and harness the potentiality for better lively hood and socio-economic betterment of the family.
    The time is; Agartala city needs a good sugarcane juice centre for meeting the need of juice for the thirsty city dwellers. The time is also to act upon the opportune moment for harnessing this potential and low cost cane juice business.
    Agritangkol dated 18.02.2012 at 03.45 P.M

Tuesday 28 February 2012

Change Agent, the Agricultural Professionals

       Agriculture professionals, especially in agrarian country have lots to do and influence the farming communities of the country.
     Professional, on graduation takes several opportunities for leading their lives in the agriculture sector through pre-defined aims and objective of the state department or employers.
       Agricultural professional performs the job of technology transfer from lab to land and help flourish the farming communities through successful adoption of new technical know how for better crop production.
     They are to take the roles to observe supervise and give technical knowledge to the farming communities.
       In every profession, professionals often take a joy in fulfilling their desire to showcase their hidden goal to the public and feel self accomplished, if the goal or objective is cherished one.
       Of course, once the professional comes under the control of state department or some other organization, they are guided by the per-defined objectives of that department or organizations.
        Even, within the pre-defined objectives, professionals have the chance to showcase their mettle in achieving the desired objective. In the circumstances, the professional can also have freedom to explore their acquired knowledge to the benefit of the farming communities.
       The vast population and economy is depending on the Agriculture and allied sector, these sectors offers vast scope to work for and bring positive changes in the rural environment.
       Agricultural professionals have the opportunity to interact with the rural farming communities and influence this vast population in the progressive growth tract thereby bring sea change in socio-economic condition through successful agricultural farming.
       Agricultural graduates, if devotes their professionalism to the field level or other grass root level for mass movement in bringing changes for pre-defined objectives which would ultimately bring prosperity to the vast population in the rural areas of the state and country.
       Change can happen, change can take place, when change agent, the agricultural professional genuinely feel the problems and guides the rural population of the state.
       Now, with the multi pronged objectives of the Government to reach the grass root level through development of road communication, re-organization of administrative set up, it has become very easy to reach the rural folk which otherwise would have been difficult due to various reasons.
       Agricultural professionals certainly have the edge over others to show their innate understanding and co-relate with their academic career with real practical experience.
       This time, the professionals have much more jobs to do in the field for bringing the positive result in otherwise stagnant rural areas of the state by improving the agriculture, the primary sector.
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Sunday 26 February 2012

Hey! Man, Why Under Estimate Drumstick

       The month February is the time is for tender and fresh drumstick. But, alas February month is also not best for common man to taste freshened drumstick. Drumstick at this time is very limited one and very costly which is beyond the reach of the common man.
       Drumstick, at this earliest harvest is sold in hundred grams bunch costing thirty five rupees that is almost equivalent to one U.S. Dollar. Means, anyone showing up for one kilogram will cost him nearly with three hundred fifty rupees.
       Of course, what quantity the consumer purchase from the market is not the question of discussion in this post but how this crop is forgotten after a couple of month is the matter of illustration that is being tried out.
The hue and cry, market speculation on drumstick is short lived that is to say that once the harvesting time ends, all the interest around this drumstick fades off.
       Now, let us see the status of Drumstick in the state Tripura. I have not come across drumstick orchard or field in the state. What I have been observing is; drumstick plants in few numbers in the backyard, homestead land and bunds of the farm ponds. These are the few collective drumstick plants that come to the rescue of the people in this time.
       There is absolutely no interest for taking up of drumstick cultivation in the state. The plant is medicinally important for usages in different traditional medicines preparation nevertheless, it has remained in the lackluster as far as popularity in mass scale cultivation is concerned.
       Let alone the medicinal value of drumstick, farmer can easily take up this drumstick in any upland field for reaping its luxurious market and balancing the nutritional requirement of family.
       Cultivation of drumstick is one of the easiest; it is just plant a cutting and forgets, it comes up under the care of Mother Nature. Nevertheless, during the season, it profusely bears the produce.
       In Tripura, there are two usages for drumstick one, Fruit for culinary preparation either mixed or solo and second, tender leaves used for preparation of green leafy vegetable by the people.
       Now, what can be done is the basic question, farming is already dwindling, the tine is for diversification for maximizing the farm profit. Drumstick suits best for such diversification without disturbing the major crop of interest of particular farmers.
       For best utilization of farm resource, drumstick if possible can be cultivated in the up land or in the periphery of crop field with definite spacing. With little nursing, the plants being hardy would come up and helps in earning some side income from the farm and also meet the nutritional requirement of the family.
                                     Agritangkol dated 18.02.2012 at 05.00 P.M