Wednesday 5 October 2011

Orchid: A Natural Home to North East India.

    Flower and baby are the sign of purity and manifestation of true inner nature. It has always been said that even cruel mind melts with the sight of flower and touch of the baby.           

Historical influence on usage of flowers:-

Flower like, Rose, Tulip, Tube rose, Marry gold, Carnation, Aster and many others have found their niche place in the mind of people since time immemorial and  it is still winnings the human mind even in more aggressive manner.
In the history, use of flower like Rose by the Mogul Emperor, the Great Akbar is famous; a Rose in hand and enjoying the charming fragrance of Rose flower only suggest the deep rooted impact of flower in the mind of the people.

Commercialization of flowers:-

Over the years, usage of flower had led to the commercial proposition and business oriented approach.
 Now, flower cultivation or growing flower crops considered to commercial crops. However, usage, leaving aside the basic usage like worshiping etc, flower market has come up in the locality of affluent area. 

Orchids in briefs:-

Now, coming to the Orchid which was considered till recently as one of the aesthetic plants and flower has been creating rush in the mind of the people because of its extra-ordinary flower color, size and shape.
 Orchid as a flower fetches good market price due to its rareness and exclusivity. This is the specific flowers grown or found in specific region or country but not in all place.

Distribution of Orchids in India:- 

    In India, North east is considered to be the hot spot of orchid in the country. Different species of orchids are found in Tripura, Assam, Arunachal Pradesh.
   In Arunachal Pradesh, a state having the diverse climate is considered among the North Eastern India a stockpile of Orchids. In addition, Orchid is also found in the Western Ghats of southern state of India.

Orchids Research center:-

 In Arunachal Pradesh, Orchids Research Centre has come with an objective to explore, preserve and popularize best natural beauty in scientific manner for best utilization of natural resources.
     The centre is working in to find out the Orchid species available in the North East not only Arunachal Pradesh but also in adjoining states.
    The centre is also maintaining germplasm of different orchid species so as to avoid extinction due to depletion natural environment of orchids in the vast forest areas of the north eastern India.
   The centre is also employing latest scientific methods like tissue culture for propagation of orchids in artificial environment; thereby commercial requirement of the orchid is met up.

Present trends of Orchids in local condition:-

Orchid as a flower as well as its commercialization is still in the stage of early years as far as popularity is concerned.
 It is simply due to non-availability of the product, that people, mostly from small cities do not find this flower like any other flower as is found in the local flower market.

Opportunity in commercialization of Orchids:-

North Eastern states being the home of vast number of species of Orchid are conducive to the growth of Orchid either naturally or in captive environment.
  But, it has never been tried or pursued by any. North Eastern states being home to the Orchids should naturally come forward and explore their opportunity by taking this opportunity. However, realization should come first to the mind of north east that the Orchid is deep rooted in the culture and tradition of the people of the North East.  

World Scenario:-

    In the world, Singapore and of course some other south Asian countries are privileged to have these natural beauties of course, there may be many such countries where Orchid is found.
  However, as far as commercialization is concerned, it is the Singapore who could properly exploit these natural resources into natural earner having exporting the value added orchid products to the World.
The same should work in the instrumental of Indian Orchids to flourish world wide and earning a pie for the economic prosperity of the people of the country.

Orchids in Tripura:-

In Tripura, Orchid, its deep rooted in the culture and tradition.There is mention in the folk lore and that is how the Orchids had influenced the mind of the people of Tripura, a small state of India.
 But, the Orchid which had influenced the people had remained in the folk lore only because un-fortunately, the Orchids had almost ceased to exist in the forest of Tripura
   In Tripura, there is a story on Orchid which was considered as heavenly flower popularly known as KHELANGBAR and it was known to be the most beautiful flower with mind enchanting fragrance.
   But, the flower of such immense historical importance had become a long history to the people of the state. It is only in sort film or documentary the Orchid has re-surfaced. But, very few had come out to explore this traditional and historical flower ever.
   Now, with the economic advancement, at least some socio-economical up-gradation, people started realizing the need for preservation of this historical glory.
   Now the need of the hour is to save the endangered Orchid species from extinction and explore the potentiality of the Orchids.

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  1. Tripura is the natural Orchid place as well as North east states. But no proper advertisment has initiated by the governmet and other organisation, Orchids is huge demands in the markets and employments may be created in this field.