Sunday 23 October 2011

Organic Product and Health Crazy People

Now-a-days, in my locality, a new breed of health conscious people have come up, caring very much for their health which starts from selection of food items to many such activities that need not be mentioned.
 They are constantly in search of organic product for good health. But how do they do identify or differentiate the organic product from non-organically produced item?
It is very surprising to observe that these health crazy people generally differentiate the organic product from other normal agriculture produce based on the shape, size and color etc.
Malformed and pale looks  agriculture produce are considered to be the organic product items and so is good for health and items which are well formed, very succulent are doubted to be the non-organic products produced out of application of chemical fertilizers and  chemical pesticides etc.
Well, personally I do not know the affects of consuming agricultural produce out of the field where exact dosages of chemical fertilizers and pesticides had been used.
 But, I have the reservation on agricultural produce where there is abuse in application of chemical pesticides and not maintaining the safety period before harvesting the produce etc. May be I am also inclining towards organic product.
In one sense, their presumption could be right as because agricultural produce out of field from optimized application of fertilizers and other chemical measures will look fresher and plump compare to organic product produced under the sole care of Mother Nature without much alteration and devoid of replenishing nutrient.
But, the fact is, this visual differentiation of organic product is not scientific and may not be appropriate. If it is the case than a label mentioning the “organic product” will be more appropriate.
But, this labeling or putting differentiator at this moment may not happen or if at all to try ever; it would be a great task for the people and the Government to bring the changes.
It is the Government and department concern to decide as to how to act; of course awareness of the people will be the driving force for any changes to come as the case may be.
However, as of now, no such massive movement or public outcry except whispering has been observed. May be this will come eventually when more people will be attracted to the concept of organic farming and organic product.
It is sure that these passive thinking of creamy layer of people would one day bring massive movement in framing the regulatory mechanism for organic farming but again this changes would be painful.
   To add again, in the present context, if changes are to come for organic farming, there could be  3 (three) areas that should be looked into and  by which farmers can be motivated for shifting  slowly from their present form of farming to organic farming
·Being the producer is also the consumer that is when the farmer himself is conscious and aware of the facts than the changes would forthcoming.
·No pseudo cry would help; organic product would be very costly and should be compensated.
·The Government may bring new regulation and help in identifying virgin plots that is free from any residual affects and that can be utilized for organic farming. All this things should be in slow but steady progression.
 While at the present condition going solo on organic farming is either not necessary or impracticable. This is due to the fact that for organic farming to root in the prevailing condition, there are several other factors that would be required and taken into consideration for the system to happen.
 For organic farming to happen, first and foremost thing is look into the soil condition; soil nutrient is already depleted, soil micro organisms are disturbed and soil is contaminated with chemical residues.
 So there is no magic mantra to cope up and switch over to organic farming abruptly.
Now, you have to restore the soil health and to restore the soil health; organic fertilizers or organic manures have to be applied. 
The question is do we have sufficient organic fertilizers or manures locally? Answer is not, at least as far as I am concerned. As I said, it would be painful and time consuming for the change to happen.
However, once  all the practice are in place from there it would be smooth sailing, reason by this time your soil health and surrounding ecosystem would be very much in restored stage.
Instead, in developing and third world countries where food requirement is more so, judicious application of chemical fertilizer and pesticide are must and for that to happen, awareness program should be initiated in massive way. In the meantime strategic objectives may be set up for going organic farming in long term manner.
     In USA, Organic product is demanding and in the coming years it is expected to be huge according to report.
   Let us set the objective for organic farming but in the meantime, ongoing farming practices may continue with judicious use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides.
    According to report, in the coming day’s organic product will take a momentum effect in terms popularity and outreach so is the organic farming. The main objective or motto is healthy life and healthy mind.


  1. Yes it is true, that we have less knowledge of organic product.If we show our interest towards organic product i mean if the demand of organic products arise then i would be confident that our farmers or jhumiya would do the the same but the fact is that everybody wants early income whether they used chemical pesticides and not maintaining the safety period before the harvesting the product.Lets take an example of brinjal sell in the bazar we used to buy the fresh and handsome one with the colour,tender and the look but costly one.So far i know the person or we may say the farmer used to spread everyday the said chemical pestisides to stay the colour,texture and the look,but iam sure he will not take the same why may be because he want to earn more or he knows the chemical used were he may fell sick. Another eg. when we used to come by ambassa we have seen that lots of jhumiya people used to sell jhum prodect we used to buy alot thinking of organic.But my question is that if we think of organic product why we should buy non organic products from the city bazar! if we show our interest towards organic products I beleive the seller would bring the same and it demand arise. Today the 28th oct 2011 in Tripura Times I just go through the front page I have seen the content Analysis that Abandon jhum come down in plains to live,Jhumiya rehabilitation programme unsuccessful.All I have to say that it is the lack of awereness.I hope in near future we demand more organic products rather then unorganic.subrata

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