Saturday 26 November 2011

A Good Prospect for Bamboo Cultivation in Tripura

    There was a time; Tripura was bestowed with several species of Bamboos. Tripura was known for her handcrafted materials in the World which come up on the good resources of Bamboos in the state.
   However, with the changing times, everything becomes glory of the past. Bamboo which was abundant has come to the lowest ever level in present time due to many factors.
   Some of the factors that greatly influenced in depletion of Bamboos in the state are as follows:-
       • Bamboo flowering which is natural phenomenon had wiped many species of Bamboos in the state.
      • Shifting cultivation has had great impacts on bamboos.
        • Un-scrupulous extraction of Bamboos.
      • Decade’s ignorance on the Bamboo species by the people and also the concerned agency.
       • Legal and illegal trades of bamboos in cross Border States.
       • Increasing popularity in bamboo shoot delicacy also resulted negatively in growth of Bamboos in the state.
     Bamboo, it is becoming rare in the state, this one time abundant natural resources is available in the exorbitant price. In some parts of the state it has become unavailable resource due to which many had to switch over in plastic materials for fencing work which used to be done by using Bamboo.
   Of late, state department has been pursuing to regenerate this valuable species through different schemes. People have been encouraged to take up Bamboo cultivation as one of the profitable farm activities.
   Until, ten years ago people would have laughed on hearing this populist approach of bamboo cultivation but with the time everybody has realised the importance and necessity of the bamboo cultivation in the state.
    Now, in this crucial juncture, some of the visionary farmers who could foresee the future of bamboos are reaping and benefiting from their bamboo plantation and earning very good income that has never ever come before.
    Take a look in the following stats through which profitability of bamboo could easily be imagined:-
       • A Muli Bamboo of 15 feet long of 40 diameters is sold in rupees twenty per piece compare to rupees five in earlier days.
       • Similarly, another Bamboo of Mitinga species is sold rupees twenty per piece compare to rupees three in earlier days.
      • A Barak Bamboo of 30 feet long of 75 diameters is sold in rupees one hundred and fifty which used to fetch only rupees fifteen to twenty in earlier days.
    The above trends although shows the gloomy states of affairs but it also throws some light for the farming communities to tap this opportune moment in their strides.
   Bamboo, a hardy species under Poaceae requires less nurturing but could be a huge potential in the state where there are activities relating to set up of bamboo based value addition centre.

    The time has come for the farmers to turn his fallow land if any into the most profitable diversification activities and fulfil the economic self reliance.


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