Monday 26 December 2011

Trust Deficit: Agriculture Sector

     How do general people perceive to the agriculture sector? Of course, it is very difficult to predict the exact and accurate answers, however the general tendency is; agriculture sector suffers from trust factor.    
   People tend to suspect the sector and considers non-viable and subsistence sector that we need to follow. We feel obligated to follow and practice this agriculture sector for our livelihood not beyond anything else. The sector does not have glamour and image.
      The simple negligence and ignorance to the sector is; even parents do not consider marrying off their daughter to a well to do farmers. Instead, a poor paid Government employee is considered worthy for a groom.
      This is the consideration with simple calculation of securing permanent source of income from the Government employment that parents consider safety and security for their daughter.
     Now the question is; why does agriculture sector is viewed as non-viable? What is the reason behind this trust deficit of agriculture sector?
    Actually, agriculture sector is not viewed and considered in business point of view. When the sector is not viewed in the business perspective, it should not scale in the business level of economic reliance.
   Therefore the mindset of subsistence agriculture without business insistence should change for overcoming this trust deficit of agriculture sector.
    Agritangkol dated 09.12.2011 at 05.30 P.M

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