Thursday 19 January 2012

Present Trends: A Look into the Floriculture of Tripura.

   Flower! It is omnipresent and most promiscuous in the state Tripura irrespective of caste, creed and religions. Flower for decoration, beautification, flower for worshiping, flower for wishing, expressing and serendipity are the few terms or otherwise expression that best describes the use and usability of flower by the people.
      Flower remained in its original form of expression and its usability irrespective of places and country is in fact increasing with the socio-economic development of people of any regions or countries for that matter.
      Most strikingly, flower is making a wave in the urban area in the newest terms and terminology although; this is not new to the area and also elsewhere but rapidly changing scenario in the urban market is due to change of aesthetic minds of the urban people of the state.
        This is partly due to the people’s affluences and purchasing capacity, many elites have taken different ways of expression to wish the occasion, situation and a way of thanks giving with lovely and most colorful floral bouquets in the time.
     Ten years ago, flower market of Agartala was hardly noticeable or otherwise in its infancy which now transformed to a considerable business proportion involving many people in the business. In those days flowers used to be air shipped from Kolkata (then Calcutta) to Agartala for meeting the local requirements that is to say that Agartala was solely depending on supply from Kolkata for different flowers(except locally or home grown flowers).
        Now, with the demand for flower being increased in Agartala locality; possibility to revamp the floriculture has been explored in scattered way covering few pockets of the state.
       Now, there is report of feeding the local market from the locally produced flowers in Agartala however, still there is dependency in outside state especially on West Bengal for import of different flowers to the capital city Agartala.
       At present, some people either in group or individual have started floriculture activities in the area like Bishalgarh under Bishalgarh R.D. Block and Khowai region. In addition some Self Help Group has plunged into the cultivation of different species of flowers based on the demands of the local market.
        The state department of Horticulture has been initiating different scheme to boost the floriculture activities in the state, in addition financial assistance through Technology mission also helped young people of the state to pursue the floriculture activities in business scale.
     “In Laxmibil under West Tripura district, some young people earned a good name in the floriculture activities by producing remarkable quantities of different flowers in then farm. It is reported that one such floriculturist has made a distinction tom supply different flowers to the national level viz; Delhi, Bangalore and Kolkata.”
      This success story has inspired many people of the area to take up the flower cultivation in their area with the technical guidance by the state horticulture department and the concept is slowly spreading to elsewhere of the state. It is expected that this floriculture as one of the economic farm activity would one day bring prosperity in the economic persuasion through farm activities.
     At present, in Agartala locality, flowers in demand and sale in volume are indicated below:-
          • Rose (different colors)
          • Tube Rose
          • Gladiolus
          • Bid of Paradise
          • Marry Gold
          • gerbera
          • Anthodium
          • Orchids
          • Carnation
          • Orchids
          • Chandra Mallika

Present demands & anticipated prospects

      Demands for flowers in capital city Agartala is in increasing trends due to various factors as indicated above and it is likely to continue in the area moreover, in district and sub-division level also there will be demands in the days to come due to economic affluence of people and aesthetic taste.
      However, present demands for flower; if it is to be viewed in economical point view; it does not suits for large scale endeavor for floriculture venture as per present local markets demands are concerned.
     That is to say that any large scale endeavor solely anticipating for Agartala market would not be viable as flower usage aesthetically although increased quite significantly compare to previous decade but still the market is not ready for scaleable supply of floral products.
    This is owing to the fact that, in Tripura floral demands are mainly due to the followings:-
       • Worshiping, it is mostly met with home grown flower plants or otherwise and of course, its demand is perennial.
       • Wedding car decoration which is some what seasonal.
       • Home decoration with different flowers, it is still in nascent stage.
       • Floral bouquet and base, it is in increasing trends due to various occasional usages in the capital city.
     Now, if we take into the look at percentage of people at least as far as Agartala locality is concerned, the number of course not available but it should not be more than 10 percent or even less who use more frequent then not the floral products for different occasions(except worshipping and special occasions).
      So, Venturing solely depending on local market would be seriously defecting however in national and international markets, there is increasing demands for cut flowers so is prospects for export and import of different flowers.

External Intervention

    As far as Tripura perspective, floriculture is still in nascent stage of development. The time is for selective approach for popularizing the floriculture venture in different locality involving the individual having entrepreneur mindset as the concept and venture does not restrict only in the local markets, it requires further exploration for marketing the products in different markets.
     This concept; in fact the whole floriculture activities depends on timely supply in fresh form that means; communication facility should be excellent for ushering the profitability of floriculture in Tripura.
     Another aspect is; floriculture is investment worthy this is to say that floriculture activities requires fairly good amount of investment for construction of hi-tech green house for production of different species of flowers of marketable quality. 
      Although, there are certain species that could be cultivated in open field but these also requires lots of attention for producing quality flowers for meeting the national level standards (in case of business scale floriculture with aim to compete in national level).
      However, the journey for floriculture prospect in Tripura has already begun, it is the duty for the concerned department to look and ensure for smooth journey.
    Agritangkol dated 19.01.2012 at 3.00 P.M


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