Tuesday 7 February 2012

Local Mango Shortage Inevitable in Tripura

       In Tripura “SARASWATI PUJA”, The Goddess of knowledge has many influences in the mind of people (in majority cases) of the state.
       In the offering to the “SARASWATI PUJA” one of the item is mango inflorescence which is must to have in the ceremonial offering to the Goddess.
       One of the milestones, this festival indicates is ITS co-incidence of mango flowering. “SARASWATI PUJA” is celebrated in the month of Magha (in Bengali calendar year). This is the time mango plant starts flowering in every year or season (exception being gap in case of certain mango varieties).
       Preceding to the “SARASWATI PUJA” mango flowering of course starts but luxurious flowering usually observed immediately or few days after the ‘PUJA’. But this is not the case this time around which is really grimy to the mango orchard owners of the state.
       Of course, flowering of mango depends on various factors but strangely during this season, there has been very slower progression towards mango flowering.
       What is assumed is; in previous year at the particular period/time, there was rain to enhance the soil moisture content but at present, there is no sign of rain.
       Another factor people assume is; this time there is lots of fluctuation in temperature over a period of time. The trend is: after the Christmas or at best after “POUSH SANKRANTI” (middle of January), day temperature slowly increases but as mentioned, now-a-days, there is lot of temperature fluctuation.
       What could be the exact reason for such delayed flowering or prolonged dormancy is not known or clarified. However, this would surely affect the mango crop in the state.
       The state is already depending on outside supply, this time dependency on outside supply would surmount, if the condition does not improve within few days time.
       The season brings un-easy scenes to the people who cannot afford to purchase the quality mango from outside but to rely on local mango.
       What farmer should do or can do is of course the matter of technicalities to be prescribed by the professionals. But as a general farmer, what he / she can do is; see the moisture level of the soil, if needed increase the soil moisture level in and around the mango tree for enhancing the flowering.
    Agritangkol dated 07.02.2012 at 6.00 P.M

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