Friday 17 February 2012

Timely decision and execution: Trendy farmers’ traits

         In the post titled “Nutritive Sweet Potato trailing behind Potato” one paragraph was devoted to the disposing of sweet potato crop in the field is the real insight of timely decision and execution in farming prosperity.
         Now, the market is welcoming one costly vegetable “Drumstick” in the state. Price of Drumstick! It is really speculative and outrageous in all markets like Agartala and elsewhere including different rural markets.
     A five hundred or half kilograms of fresh & tender drumstick is sold in rupees one hundred forty to one hundred fifty. It is too much for the vegetable like Drumstick.
    But, looking to the previous years marketing trends of drum stick, it is easily perceptible that this exorbitant price of drumstick would come down to below one hundred per kilogram within a couple of months. The reason of such exorbitant / excessive price of drumstick is the matter of the topic with the trendy farmers’ perspective.
           In every crop seasons, there are certain groups of farmers who are able to take the market opportunity with their decision making skills and timely execution with respect to farming / crops to be taken up in the particular time / season of the year for maximizing the profit.
          These particular farmers do not do any extra ordinary things to reap the farming profit what they take up and construed as extra ordinary by others are actually their ability to feel the marketing pulse and, act in accordance with decision, execution and finally reaping the good profit from the farming.
         What happens in the cropping season and their subsequent marketing in the particular season are; their crops are cultivated at an early so is early marketing. Product marketed during early part of main season fetches good market price compare to the mass group who takes entry into the market in little later.
Let us see the market during winter season, during the time of early fall winter, vegetable crops like cauliflower, cabbage, tomato and of course many other fetches good price which is sufficient for that particular farmers to take a handsome profit from their vegetable crops.
          These farmers; based on the previous season’s market behavior, positions their cropping pattern, they start growing crops calculating to harvest their product at the early winter and selling their produce in exorbitant price.
        One small example and easy to grow crop is coriander “during early part of the winter season, it sales up to one thousand per kilogram but slowly market eases up through entry of more such produce”.
         However, these easily adopter and time & market conscious farmers do subjected to several risk factors during their farming journey.
        One aspect that this farmer faces and considers risky is; by the time they start preparation for winter vegetable crops, it was the time of post monsoon; means field preparation for winter vegetable crops become very difficult due to sudden post monsoon rain.
        Nevertheless, these farmers tackle the situation because of their will power to excel and earn profits from the early winter crops.
        Now, the other side is the general growers; what they do is; they start preparation for winter vegetable immediately after the harvest of kharif paddy crop.
        Paddy, if it is long duration one stands in the field up to the month of December so, switching to vegetable crop after paddy crop means, such growers would be taking entry into the vegetable market when the market is in down ward trends in terms of vegetable price.
      In the farming, some critical decisions with respect to choosing of crops and their subsequent cultivation in time keeping the marketing aspects are must to do for remaining competitive in the agricultural farming.
   The farming profitability goes with good decision making and time honored execution.
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