Wednesday 11 July 2012

Right information at right place is the basic necessities to rescue the farmers in need of good income source.

   Like marketing executives, agricultural farmers should also have the right information for future cropping and marketing of the produce. Marketing executive has enough data either on or offline but, farmers are devoid of such information readily available in every medium.
  Farmers have to rely on agriculture department or otherwise different radio or TV talk show (less prevalent) for having new ideas which would transform his/her fortune. Of course, in periodical farmers training where some concept used to be discussed.
   Take the case of farmers of less motivated and economically weak, if ever they wishes to have rubber plantation in his or her land would not be possible unless some lending or money is borrowed or some department supports.
   But, there could be some other way out to solve these problems. Let’s consider by completely forgetting the rubber, start with other potential crop which, if not best at least would create a flow of income for the family to earn a good source of income.
 But, who will guide and give right information to the farmers? Is it department or some other organization? Again, repetition that is to say that right information is the matter to be worried for by all farming community.
 Take the case of kanak-aich bamboo in Tripura. Tripura is considered to be natural source for this species of bamboo. This is highly priced; in fact Tripura meets the requirement of all India as per report of the cane and bamboo technology.
   The positive part of the kanak-aich bamboo is, its clump or bamboo shoots are not preferred for vegetable purpose for consumption by the local people. Therefore, it can be grown without many disturbances.
   The bamboo is little in diameter but very sturdy and could be used in variety of utilities like fishing stick, bamboo craft items etc. In Tripura, it is naturally found in the forest area of Mohanpur Sub-Division and adjoining region.
    Another positive part is; it could easily be grown in sloppy hills, it grows profusely and harvesting is expected (first round) within two year round. It fetches good price and marketing is also not a problem.
   Once established, it grows sporadically with circular spread due to new clumps which comes up every year during the monsoon season.
    But, the problem is; very few farmers have the access to this information. This easiest, low cost investment could be a huge return to the farmers if they ever mind to switch to this natural balancing kanak-aich bamboo in their sloping land.
   In the age of information; good information tend to gets lost in the overly data source of information. When there is situation, there exist a myriad of agony amongst the farming community at large.
   Everybody is running or pursuing behind the proven thing for earning extra pie but, do they ever introspect cost of chasing costlier thing! Whereas, there are cheaper things but worth enough to earn good return from the same.
    The point is; find out competitive model which can run and smoothened up the farmers’ agony in the time of more competitive activities.
    Kanak-aich fits nicely for the small and marginalized farmers without much worry towards investment part.
Agritangkol dated07.07.2012

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