Friday 17 August 2012

Non-Seasonal Vegetable Crops are demanding but fears and myths associated should not disapprove the endeavor.

          These days of course not considerably but to a certain extent, few progressive farmers earn substantial money through growing and selling of non-seasonal vegetable crops.
     We know or forced to know or compelled to know that there are crops whose growths depends on specific season.
     Season; that is distinctive from other in terms of temperature, day length, precipitation and relative humidity of course, there are crops which really depends strictly for their successful growth and life cycle.
    We, as a part of our understanding know vegetables like cabbage, Cauliflower, Tomato and many other beans grows specific to certain season and climatic condition.
   So, as usual these crops are grown as winter vegetable crop (except few varieties of bean or as the case may be). But that is not being the case all the time.
   There are instances where cabbage and tomato used to be grown round the years defying the season and climatic sensitiveness.
   The scene had been eye witnessed in the Karnataka where even in places like drier region there used to be green cabbage plot. And, tomato field with ripened tomato.
   In Meghalaya state, many cool and winter vegetable crops used to be found round the year. Of course, Meghalaya especially Shillong and adjoining areas are considered to be under temperate gone which supports the growths of cool and winter vegetable crops.
  Therefore, Meghalaya used to feed winter vegetable crops to a certain extent to the neighboring states of north-eastern India.
   The specialty  of  growing non seasonal vegetable crops are for more price realization and this is happening due less supply so is more demand and finally good economic return of the vegetable growers.
   Earlier, and even these days also, during the month of June-July, some cool and winter vegetable crops from the Meghalaya used to be found in the state capital and other places.
     But now, one positive indication is, you get to find, produce of Tripura too. That is to say that some farmers from Tripura also started cultivating the non-seasonal vegetable crops during this hot summer.
  They grow Cabbage, Cauliflower and Capsicum. Result, unexpected price due to spike in demands. Farmers are earning money to the maximum. These non-seasonal vegetable crops are fetching good market demand so is premium price compare to other traditional time of growing these types of vegetables.
    This is happening due to the fact that people in the summer season; you have little choice but to stick to limited types of summer vegetables.
     This is quite less significant compare to winter season where you get varieties of vegetables so you have much more choice in selecting the crops to be grown and changing the taste preference too.
    But, there are also apprehensions, fears and phobia on non-seasonal vegetable crops or for that matter any such product which are found beyond their known characteristics.
  People sometimes consider non-seasonal vegetable is bound to get maximum pest attack so is more chance for exposure to hazardous chemical pesticides and finally residue level.
  People also consider it just show off because you only spend money but do not get any substance.
  But many assumptions seem to be myths because in case of pest and disease incidence what is ought to be happen is; many primary pest depending on primary host plant (winter vegetable in this case ) will not be available during the summer season so is less prevalence for pest incidence.
   However, reverse may also happen but non-seasonal does not simply amount to more risk as far as exposure to chemical pesticides or as the case may be.
  There are several instances for growing of vegetable crops in controlled condition in hi-tech green house. 
   Earning extra pie maintaining all possible parameters would be much appreciated in the time where farmers are in search of more profitable avenue.
       Agritangkol dated 14.08.2012


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