Thursday 6 September 2012

Food safety lab: To remove Suspicion on Agriculture produce

       What many elderly people in their 70’s have often been citing about their good old days, their lifestyle etc. They argue that people of their generation lived much longer compare to these days with all these scientific development. 
       The fact is; in those days, average longevity was really very low compare to these days but those who succeeded to live had lived much longer period. They lived much longer than now-a-days which is more so like asymmetrical graph. But, this is also observed in modern era too. 
       Health problem! People blame it to present life style and food what we consume. Let us do not discuss about life style and stick to the food stuff we take for living.
    People irrespective of living standard, now-a-days suspect agricultural produce available in the market. People in the group discuss the issues and shows apprehension on Agriculture produce. 
       What they suspect is; these are the product produced out of un-scrupulous use of chemical pesticides and fertilizers etc. Farmer’s usages lots of chemicals to produce and sale off his produce! Apprehend. 
       The fresher and shinier means more concentration of chemical residues; this is the general perception people perceives. This idea may not be true to the fact in all cases but can’t be ruled out either due to some factual reason. 
       The Government now-a-days is seriously pursuing for ensuring food safety for all packaged food items. More often than not there was news paper notification for food safety and announcing Government’s help to setup of laboratory etc. 
       This is enough to bring in order amongst the chaotic environment that has been aired or rumored by the people especially consumer on agriculture produce.
      But, in reality no food safely lab is found in the locality that is really strange at this time even though there is public outcry. 
        The public out cry would continue until such time when there will be no way out to check the quality aspect of the Agriculture produce. Until such time, visual observation and occasional taste difference would be the only quality yardstick that consumer can take up. 

                                      Agritangkol dated 31.08.2012


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