Friday 16 December 2011

Poisoning of Rivers and Streams Water for catching Fishes: Great risk to the Human Health

      There has been one important news used to flash out in the local news paper during the dry spell is an obnoxious method of catching fishes from the rivers and streams using poisonous substances by certain groups of unscrupulous people causing lots of ecological damage to the aquatic ecosystem of the area.
    Generally, fishes from the pond, lake, river and streams are caught by using traditional nylon nets by the fisherman and of course, in earlier times, some people also applied plants extracts for poisoning the streams water for catching of fishes.
   Using of plant extracts for catching of fishes in earlier days were also no doubt deleterious to the aquatic species but due to mild effect of such plant extracts appalling affects for which was not so apparent.
    But, now-a-days it has been reported that certain groups of people applies pesticide chemicals for catching of fishes from river and streams causing enormous damage to the different species of fishes and other aquatic species.
    Another dire task these unscrupulous people undertake is the time of their activities, it is generally in the dry season that is when the water level is down. Application of pesticides during this time is highly effective due to the fact that chemical concentration due to low level of water in the rivers and streams brings highly lethal affects to the fishes.
     Rivers like Manu and Deo of Dhalai and north Tripura districts are in the news of such unscrupulous activities. This has greatly impacted the aquatic ecosystem of Tripura, results of whch are as follows:-
      • Many fish species are under the threat of extinction
      • Water become polluted and non-suitable for use
       • It poses health risk to human health.
     • Many other aquatic species disappeared.
     • Fish yields from river and streams reduced drastically.
     • Drinking water treatment plant which comes up using river water has become risky for human consumption.
     This is the high time for the Government to intervene and people to come out for protecting the aquatic ecosystem. All the people whether vegetarian or non-vegetarian should come out and participate in the cause of greater interest. By doing so it would not only help the valuable aquatic species to flourish but also to save the human lives for forth coming danger that has been posing great risk to the human beings.
    Agritangkol dated 26.11.2011 at 10.00 A.M


  1. After study this topic i understand that some human being is so Hippocrates, for there needs they vanish such thing which is very important for our Eco-system. They do such kind of behaviors for, that God will not for gibe them. Nothing in this world is bad which made by God, everything is precious and respectable,if human understand the matter then he save many life's. I have no such words to say for this topic only one thing I say for this topic when human being is alert than all things will be in control.

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