Monday 12 December 2011

Vermi Compost: The Last Option of Organic Manures.

Vermi compost:-

   Vermi compost is the organic manure produced using earthworms in semi decomposed organic matters. Vermi compost is known to have rich nutrient contents and other elements compared to other organic manures like cow dung manures.
    It is a new way of producing value added organic manure for enriching the soil health for increasing the crop yields especially in the highly valued horticultural crops and other potted ornamental plants.
     It is quite economically feasible as the process does not involve heavy investment by the farmers to have vermi compost produced in his farm or backyard.
    Now-a-days, vermi compost is packed and sold in higher prices to the orchard owners. It can be produced commercially in large scale too as an activity to increase the farm income by the farmers.
    Now-a-days due to small scale production of vermi compost, its use is restricted and applied in the potted ornamental plants and highly value added horticultural crops for obtaining quality products by the farm owners.
    However, vermi compost can be used in all fields for enhancing the soil fertility thereby increasing the productivity of the crops.

Vermi compost production:-

     The requirement for vermi composting are shaded area, pits with well drained channel, decomposed bio-matter or organic matter, rice straws, cow dung slurry and finally the earth worms.
   Vermi compost can be produced in small place without much investment using locally avail material except the earth worms which can be obtained from the farm of agriculture department.
   Rice straw the locally available bio-matter can easily be used for production of vermi compost. Cow dung slurry may be applied in every layer of rice straw or other semi-decomposed bio-matter for easy decomposition by the earth worms.

Compelling situation to go for Vermi compost:-

     In the present context as far as Tripura state is concerned, vermi compost can be an effective alternative to the cow dung or other types of organic manures. This is because of decline in livestock population and its subsequent affects in reduction of cow dung manures.
     In Tripura, there is a declining trend of livestock population due to several factors like decline in Pasteur lands etc.
     Due to decline in livestock population in the state there is sharp decline in cow dung manure. This has affected severely in crop production as most of the crop fields could not be enriched with manures. Now most of the farmers had to go solo with chemical fertilizers and this has affected the soil health.
     Now the situation is quite compelling to find out suitable alternative for organic manure and vermi compost is the best option which can be easily taken up by farmers.

Present adaption scenario:-

   The state department of agriculture and horticulture is pursuing to spread the vermi compost in the state for adoption by the farming communities of the state.
    Different training and exposure trips have been conducted to create awareness and interest by the farming communities of the state.

Why vermi compost?

     This is the only last option available by the farmers to fill the void created due to decline in livestock population of the state. While the department of animal resource development department has been constantly persuading to increase the animal resource in the state but due to decline in over all Pasteur lands and conversion of many fallow lands into other cropping activities has pushed the livestock activities drastically.
   However, the vermi compost the next alternative of organic manure is yet to take off in the state. There has to be effective extension mechanism for persuading and draw the interest of the farming communities for the new concept.
   Agritangkol dated 25.11.2011 at 10.00 A.M

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