Sunday 26 February 2012

Hey! Man, Why Under Estimate Drumstick

       The month February is the time is for tender and fresh drumstick. But, alas February month is also not best for common man to taste freshened drumstick. Drumstick at this time is very limited one and very costly which is beyond the reach of the common man.
       Drumstick, at this earliest harvest is sold in hundred grams bunch costing thirty five rupees that is almost equivalent to one U.S. Dollar. Means, anyone showing up for one kilogram will cost him nearly with three hundred fifty rupees.
       Of course, what quantity the consumer purchase from the market is not the question of discussion in this post but how this crop is forgotten after a couple of month is the matter of illustration that is being tried out.
The hue and cry, market speculation on drumstick is short lived that is to say that once the harvesting time ends, all the interest around this drumstick fades off.
       Now, let us see the status of Drumstick in the state Tripura. I have not come across drumstick orchard or field in the state. What I have been observing is; drumstick plants in few numbers in the backyard, homestead land and bunds of the farm ponds. These are the few collective drumstick plants that come to the rescue of the people in this time.
       There is absolutely no interest for taking up of drumstick cultivation in the state. The plant is medicinally important for usages in different traditional medicines preparation nevertheless, it has remained in the lackluster as far as popularity in mass scale cultivation is concerned.
       Let alone the medicinal value of drumstick, farmer can easily take up this drumstick in any upland field for reaping its luxurious market and balancing the nutritional requirement of family.
       Cultivation of drumstick is one of the easiest; it is just plant a cutting and forgets, it comes up under the care of Mother Nature. Nevertheless, during the season, it profusely bears the produce.
       In Tripura, there are two usages for drumstick one, Fruit for culinary preparation either mixed or solo and second, tender leaves used for preparation of green leafy vegetable by the people.
       Now, what can be done is the basic question, farming is already dwindling, the tine is for diversification for maximizing the farm profit. Drumstick suits best for such diversification without disturbing the major crop of interest of particular farmers.
       For best utilization of farm resource, drumstick if possible can be cultivated in the up land or in the periphery of crop field with definite spacing. With little nursing, the plants being hardy would come up and helps in earning some side income from the farm and also meet the nutritional requirement of the family.
                                     Agritangkol dated 18.02.2012 at 05.00 P.M

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  1. yes, the Drumstick kind of vegetable which is highly full of iron for our body needs but, it is the case same as Ber, which is a kind of fruit which is easily found in our backyard or road side. Both are found easily in our state Tripura. But now a days it is on the edge of extinct. Therefore now a days it is very costly. I thought many people are unknown about the Drumstick fact the fruit is not only eating vegetables, the whole of the tree is full of many items ex- The flower of the Drumstick which is blooming on this days are making food item pakora or bora. The leafs are also make food item pakora. The barks of the tree is make as chutney which is kind of medicine for the cure of fever, and many more things are used by this trees.In my sense I thought people are not bothering about this Drumstick fact because it is a seasonal fruit item.