Tuesday 13 March 2012

Goatery; Profitable Low Cost Venture in Rural Tripura

    Rural Tripura, there are changes and changes are normal in every emerging rural areas of the state as well as the country. Some low cost, other investment worthy and this is the trend in the ever changing rural environment of Tripura.
     Of course, some changes taken place at the cost of others and some remain at the mercy of the mighty; all these factors are in fact under the factorial change agents in any given rural environment.
    Let us see one aspect that could bring some changes with economic improvement of rural people. Here at Tripura, as narrated earlier more than ninety percent of the total population prefers non-vegetarian food, and the sources of such non vegetarian items are Fish, hen, Duck, Goat & Sheep, etc.
    However, of these various sources, most prominent are fish, chicken, goat-mutton and pork in terms of total quantum requirement and supply. Incidentally, Goat-mutton is one of the most popular in terms of its acceptance and demand by the people of the state.
    Fortunately or unfortunately, goat-mutton is also one such item which is sold in approximately for ten dollars per kilo gram which is at per capita income of the people really excessive for most of the people of the state. This demand even in the sky rocketing price is due to love for such gastronomic juice enhance.

Reason of such excessive price is mainly due to the followings:-

• There are no organized Goatery farms in the state so is less in supply. Now, whatever, goat-mutton is available are all sourced from the rural areas.
• Demand for Goat–Mutton is due to the fact that it is considered pure so demand is perennial and even increasing year on year basis.
    Here of course, one thing to be made clear is Goat–Mutton as referred is produced out of male Goat which is best considered for mutton.
    Goat-mutton was in demand; it is in demand and, will be in future too. On consideration of the acceptance and demands, goatery as low cost investment could be highly remunerative to the rural landless people.
    In addition, there are many supportive schemes; Government is also pursuing to improve the total mutton production by popularizing different populist schemes. But the fact is; it is not picking up in the expected level.
    A rural landless people can rear a herd of Goats without much investment. Of course, few apprehend lacks of pasture land prevent them from venturing into Goatery but there is still fallow land or one cropped area where goat can be managed without much hindrance.
    The plus point of the Goatery is; total time requirement for rearing and producing of marketable sized Goat is very less, it is within one year that Goat can be marketed if properly managed. And, recurring investment towards maintenance is also very less.
     It is really possible to manage a herd of twenty five to thirty goats by the rural landless people in the given situation of any rural areas. In absence of pasture land due to penetration of Rubber everywhere, people find it restrictive to go ahead with goatery but the fact also that Goat can be managed in two to three years old Rubber Plantation too.
    This is to say that when the Rubber plantation or otherwise the Rubber seedling is of two to three years, the Seedling attained the height of over five to six feet which is beyond the reach of the Goat to make any damage to the Rubber Seedling. Controlled grazing in the Rubber Plantation during early days is in fact helpful to plantation owner.
     However, this is not tried and tested; however, it is presumed that this can reduce the total labor requirement of rubber plantation owners for cleaning of weeds / jungle which constitutes a large share of investment for rubber plantation.
     Possibilities are around but how to make it possible is the only question that people hardly finds out and recognizes.
                                              Agritangkol dated 21.02.2012

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  1. After reading this topic about Goatery farm, I really like it. Goat meat is a kind of pure meat which is fully vegetarian and prefer it in a good meal. Hen, Duck, Pig they are also good meat but they are not fully vegetarian like Goat. Hen & Duck they eat grains, small grass, insects, snails etc. In my sense of view the pork is a good meat but there is also, a demerits about it ex- (i) If a person eat regularly pork he may be suffer from Hookworm which causes pain in our belly or stomach.
    (ii)Regularly use in meal pork make the human brain dull.
    (iii) Another thing is that Pig is a Omnivorous animal which eat every thing.
    All other things I also prefer Goatery because it is a fully profitable business. Goat always eat grass which is abundant in village areas.
    I also read the topic about rubber plantation and how goats help the owner of rubber. I really like the technique how we use the goat in a work in a rubber field.