Thursday 15 March 2012

Technology Transfer: Real Professionalism through Activity Oriented Approach

     Well, it is not meant to look the other side of the any individual, group, organization or department.
     This is however, a journey to illustrate the real condition that often makes a mark in the mind of the both target group and general public due to un-expected proficiency or efficiency reflected in the condition which was supposed to be a successful one especially when it is under the care of the concerned professionals.
     It has been five to six month; I have been observing very closely a banana plantation coming up in the road side in the sloppy hills of the national highway.
     From the hoarding or signboard mounted near the road reflecting the newly established plantation indicates that it is coming up under the departmental scheme and, taken care off under the guidance of the professionals of the concerned department.
    I have mentioned couple of times in my earlier posts about the possibilities and promising future of horticultural crops in the suitable soil in the sloppy hills of Tripura.
   In the same line with which I was anticipating and desiring to see, one banana plantation was started in that sloppy hill in the area as indicated above.
     I was expecting that by the time of my next visit, I would be fortunate to see the profuse growth of banana seedlings in that very plantation. But, this is not being the case, in my last observation on 14.02.2012 and 16.02.2012, what I have seen is; stunted, dried up banana seedling beautifying the whole plantation area.
    The field looks to be excessively dry (which is of course normal at this time of dry spell), soil around the seedling is also in the same condition.
       There was no sign of conserving the soil moisture in and around the banana seedling. There was absolutely no growth of banana seedling. In one word, the above referred banana plantation was not to be considered as a successful one.
    What was expected is, as far as I am concerned; the plantation should have been well managed in all respects for creating congenial conditions for inducing profuse growth of the banana seedlings for a successful plantation to come up.
       The idea of going with banana plantation in that designated field was of course fine but what it lacks is;
    • There is no mechanism to preserve the soil moisture during water stress period
    • There is no facility to irrigate the banana seedling (if the plantation is also meant for field level  demonstration)
    • The field is totally vacant of any species of either minor herbs or shrubs to protect the banana seedling from the scorching sunlight and preserving soil moisture too.
What I think the professionals miss is;
   • Professional should have give planned move with prioritized follow up action for the plantation to come up successfully in any given circumstances.
   • Professionals by not giving much importance in the pre-planned follow up operation for ensuring the plantation to come up successfully had also missed another aspects that professional failed to realize; they failed to showcase their expertise through this plantation that was taken up in suitable place for easy exposure. So is creating awareness and interest.
  It could have been a good field demonstration plot to showcase the general people for increasing or creating interest to the thousands passerby by showing them the successful plantation but remained a missed opportunity.
      Therefore, professionals should have the genuine professionalism to showcase their expertise in already stagnant agriculture sector.
     Agritangkol dated 18.02.2012 at 03.45 P.M

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