Friday 9 September 2011

Ozone, a new found pollutant!

         Increase of Ozone in the atmosphere is reported to be causing eyes irritation and several other health complicacies as reported in recent times. Reports indicate that this pollutant is not only the problems of the city dwellers but also for the rural people.Report also indicates that it creates barrier in photosynthesis which affects agricultural crops.Every health conscious people were in the opinion that the rural areas are the best place to live because of its clean air and water but recent findings has changed the mindset of the people.
        The pollutant is repoted to be the result of  reaction of notrous oxide and other organic substances produced from the plant and also burning of biomass etc.

Mother nature is ultimate

We presume that we have almost done everything with the advancement of science and technology but in reality nature is playing a vital role in our existence on palnet earth. My points may correspond the recent happenings in the World of agriculture. In recent times, Somalia appears in the headline news! thousands succumed to death due to hunger and millions on the search of food and shelter. The reason is DROUGHT,no rainfall, no moisture so, no agriculture. Let us introspect, assess,what is our advancement?

Thursday 8 September 2011

Importance of agriculture

Agriculture is the primary sector so,it deserves primary importance for our livelihood .