Saturday 6 February 2016

Early maturing Pigeon pea variety developed by IARI scientists

New and early maturing Pigeo pea variety called PADT-16 (Pusa Arhar Determinate) has been developed by IARI scientists. The new variety is  determinate early maturing type and matures in 120 days and produces 20 quintals per hectare.
          It is good news for arhar farmers of the country.

Friday 5 February 2016

Technologies for Next Generation Farming

Forbes reports that Four technologies that..... “Technology that promises to unleash agricultural productivity is here today. The combination punch of advanced mathematics, automation, advancements in sensor systems and next-generation plant breeding are setting the stage for the next Green Revolution, which is what we need to ensure a sustainable future”. These four technologies are as follows:-
1. The mathematics revolution
2. The sensing revolution
3. Putting it together with automation

4. Next generation plant breeding for corn

Thursday 4 February 2016

Lumiere expending

Bangalore-based organic products company"Lumiere Organic Venture Pvt Ltd"  founded in 2002 as organic farm venture is fast expanding its activities beyond Karnataka and Kerala. It is stated to be eyeing towards Tamil Nadu for its expansioin for organic products. Better known as Lumiere Organic, the firm is selling organic products through its physical outlets and also through online. Lumiere’s activities are oriented towards vegetables, fruits and poultry products besides other products like jams, syrups, pickles and sauces. Considering the demand for organic and healthy products by the health conscious people, many more organic firms are coming up in the country.

Wednesday 3 February 2016

“Food from India” mobile application soon to be launched helping exporter and farmers.

Vadodara based businessmen have developed mobile application called “Food from India ” for helping both exporters and farmers. The application is soon to be launched in the interest of exporters, importers and farmers. This application is stated to prevent the interference of the middlemen.

#StartupIndia...should it be only technology led startup?

Startups India, it should not be limited to technology led new company.Agriculture offers vast scope for entrepreneurship since most of the population of the country depends on this primary sector. Encouraging young people particularly people connected to the agriculture for agriculture related startup will improve the socio-economic condition of the rural people and food security will be taken care off.