Wednesday 28 September 2011

My real experience of Ecological damage

Our honored organization like IPCC (Inter Governmental Panel for Climate Change) is the authority to speak about climate change, ecological damage and its affects on our planet earth.
  However, I am here to give small presentation though not scientific paper but my real life experience which given me some insights in ecological imbalance and I hope this is one such part that converge upon with increasing phenomenon in this direction.
    I was born in one small village called Mirza under south District of Tripura, India and my village was completely depending on Agriculture for livelihood of people of the village.
    Agriculture, as I could remember being rooted to the agriculture farming was subsistence type. Nevertheless, I understand the yield level as compare to these days were much higher.
   Agriculture was completely dependent upon the monsoonal rainfall but best utilizer of monsoonal rainfall could reap good harvest sufficient to maintain year long requirement of food staff.
    At that time, one important aspect was that live stock that is cattle rearing was common by every family and thereby people could utilize drought animal for ploughing and milch cow feeds daily requirement of milk.
    Since, livestock rearing was common by every farming and non-farming families, cattle manures was easily available for use / application in the field. Even, cattle rearing were easy because there was abundant Pasteur land for grazing the cattle.
    Another aspect, I remember was although, agriculture farming was dependent on rainfall but there were paddy lands that were water logged perennially supporting small aquatic fauna in the shallow water, the drainage channel was never dry but always with flowing water supporting different species of fishes or other Arthropods to exists.
    However, as I grow from small child to teen to adult, agriculture production started declining that I could not understand at that time but now I could correlate the sequence of change that took place at the time.
    The change I could correlate are declining production of agriculture out put, decline in number of cattle population, cattle manure become scarce to apply in the farm field, rainfall pattern change and finally department of agriculture’s intervention.
   The decline in production level was attributed to decrease of soil fertility due to continuous cropping, rainfall pattern change and lack of manures and application of chemical fertilizers.
    Now, the department had been able to provide soil nutrient supplement, supply in the form of chemical fertilizer but application of manures could not be restored because cattle population had already dwindled.
    The affect of live stock population in the area was radically changed due external demands that posed on the area. Now, the farmers had no option but to rely on chemical fertilizers for improving the soil fertility and agriculture productivity.
    It had some how managed to give some output but after some time production again plummeted to the lowest level. In the meantime, insect pests menace had become a cause of concern again, farmers had to resort in using chemical pesticides.
      Now the net result is; agriculture out put remain in the lowest level but other ecological damage that brought with the sudden and un-scientific switch over of modern agriculture.
   The whole rice ecosystem got damaged, different species of small fishes that were the part of the Rice ecosystem started disappearing, different species of snails and mollusks and crabs that were used for table purpose also started slowly to their destination for extinction.
   In addition, different species of arthropods and frog have disappeared. Now-a-days, no birds could be seen in the paddy field preying small insects.
     That is the sort of ecological damage men could bring in his / her pursuit to betterment but disturbing the surrounding environment.
   I can assure that no body area for reporting any such presence of different specifies of fishes and arthropods of rice ecosystem because that had already extinct from the area.
    Now, no rice ecosystem could be seen as there is no waterlogged place to be termed as Rice ecosystem where different flora and fauna can thrive.
    Now the whole area or region, climatic change has brought may crop field barren due to erratic rainfall. In my own experience, while we were in the farming profession, we once faced drought like situation but now it is common because our upland paddy field has become fallow for long period due to want of rain.
   This is my real experience the climate change and ecological damage has challenged us.

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