Wednesday 12 October 2011

Agriculture expansion: Confrontation with nature!

In the doorstep of twenty first century where do we stand? In the zenith of advancement! You are the better Judge to give this verdict.

Agriculture Expansion at a Glance:

Take the small example of Agricultural advancement around the world. We have developed high yielding varieties of crops, devised modern cultivation practices, discovered soil nutrient supplement and developed modern pest control measures and so forth.
We grow crops in the same plot of lands repeatedly, utilized water from stream, river and ground water. But, could we remain in the same plot of land? The answer is no, we have to move further.
 It is due to the pressure in terms of population explosion, more production and insatiable profit that has come to place.
We have intruded the forest land, marshy land and community Pasteur land in search of suitable land for more production and expansion. And, now we are in intense search for appropriate sustainable farming.

Confrontation with nature:

We have intruded the unmanned area, we have also altered the very ecosystem of the nature and subsequent results are depletion of water resource, depletion of forest coverage and driving the flora and fauna of the forest to the extinction.
It is where exactly my point of discussion on affecting fragile nature thus confrontation with nature comes. We have disturbed the inland ecosystem by altering the food web of the primary feeder so is primary producer.
We have distressed the natural tiller the earth worms and other soil micro organisms by unscrupulous use of chemical fertilizer and herbicides.
We have polluted water in the stream with chemical residues let alone the industrial affluent which is major case of concern in industrialized nations.
 We have deforested the huge chunk of forest coverage for farming, livestock, logging, road construction and urbanization. In due courses of all, our nature with its fragile ecosystem has been confronted several times.
This confrontation with nature is prominent in forest coverage of the country that is what we have now and then. For instance, the mighty Amazon, the biggest rainforest of the world is always in conflict with man made advances.
 It was estimated that between May, 2000 to August, 2006, Brazil lost l, 50,000 square kilometers of forest area and it is still serious if, record is traced from earlier period. This was mainly attributed due to cattle rearing and agriculture expansion for subsistence farming
This is the picture how our nature has been confronted with to meet the needs of agriculture are and many other human needs.
In India also forest coverage has been depleted quite significantly. According to U.N., F.A.O., in India 23% of land is forested. Of this 22.9% is classified as primary forest.
 It was reported that since1990 to 2010, India lost 224750 hectares yet, in the corresponding period; India gained 7% which is quite positive indication.
However, this minuscule gain in forest coverage may be outdone very comfortably if concerted efforts are not taken with good implementation of legal frame work.
Another anxious picture for India is Silent Valley, the place of hottest bio-diversity due to its flora & fauna.
 This Silent Valley is connected to the mythological character since PANDAVAS. The Government has declared the Silent Valley as national park since then no much intrusion has been reported.
There is report that cannabis is used to be grown in the buffer zone of Silent Valley by Mudugar tribal at the behest of the mafia group. This may affect the splendid nature of Silent Valley according to Wikipedia.
Now the point to be introspected is; the Sahara & Sub-Saharan desert, have we done any positive thing that has come to the use of the humanity?
My understanding is; we love to care the most cared ones but not concern with the sand dunes, oasis in desert, the curse that has affected mankind through the centuries.
Similarly, what happened to the Gobi desert of China and Thar of India? As it is or may be increasing day by day.
 On the contrary, we came out successful to make the green cover to pale color but never mind to take the challenge that has already been challenging the mankind.
Conscious calculations will definitely unrest the mankind and it would cease the sound sleep that is what had been achieved with all these expansion, extension without retention. 


  1. All of the topic is based on our nature or Eco-system which is imbalance day by day time to time.But we human beings are on the Edge of the entire nature.We the people are fully dependable on nature but we do not think about this for our needs we destroy the Eco-system directly or indirectly.We made large kind of things like Dam, Bridges, Hi-fi roads, Building etc after destroy natural calamities. We are totally related to nature but we don't understand. If we walk in this way then the day or time will be come when we got nothing.
    Still if we change our mind and friendship with nature then we are the humans who can change many things.

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