Monday 14 November 2011

Food Grain Production: Good Condition Prevails

   During middle of the October2011, there was sudden and untimely rain that created spine cooling feel to the farmers of the state due to the fact that it was crucial time for harvest of standing rice crops of Tripura.
  However, the Almighty God has finally responded to the prayers of the farming communities by diverting the untimely rain now, absolutely there is no dark cloud which we could construe as danger for farming communities, sky is very clear, day length with sufficient light all these prevailing conditions, would definitely help farmers to harvest all sorts of crops they have sown during this monsoon.
     If rain would have continued for certain periods then it would have created myriad misery to the farming community effect for which had reached to the Government and policy makers of the country to deal with the situation but fortunately it did not happen.
   I have taken sigh relief for the fact that I know how much pain it was to loose or subjected to loose the crops which are ripe to be to be harvested.
    In Tripura for that matter in all over India farming is depending on the monsoonal rainfall and monsoonal rainfall is acting as the deciding factor for agriculture farming so is growth of the agriculture sector of the country.
   Farmers had utilized the valuable monsoonal rain and survived their crops but in this position if any thing happens as natural calamities by untimely rain would demoralize the farming communities. Of course, as of now, everything is ok and fine.
    In other parts of the country also no such news of natural calamities has so far been reported. In India, especially the farming communities have to be little cautious because farming in India is mostly in rain fed area depending on the climatic factor any variation would result negatively in farming sectors.
     During the year 2011 there were lots of suspicion and doubts due to erratic monsoonal rainfall. There were reports that many states had suffered from rainfall deficit and others suffered due to heavy down pour.
    However in later part of the monsoon it had partly been compensated by late rainfall and most of the rain fed farmers of the country could able to sow and sustain their crops in the field.
   This is really good sign for the country pursuing for growth in agriculture sector. Media reports indicate that agriculture growth in India is not up to the satisfactory level which may affect the vast population depending on the sector.
    Hopefully during this year there would be bumper harvest especially the cereal crops or otherwise food grain crops of India. States like Punjab, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh the grain bowl of the country would reap good food grain harvest during this favorable season.
    In addition, there would be good innings of the cotton and onion farmers of the country. This season brings good sign for the onion farmers of Nashik and cotton farmers of the southern and south central states of India.
    During the year2011, food grain production has been projected to be approximately 245.00 million tons, I am very optimistic that if everything goes smoothly that is to say that if the same climatic conditions prevails the targeted food grain production would be achieved.
    However, few points which need to be addressed at this particular juncture are storage of food grain by the Government.
    Since last few years there have been media reports that food grain and other agricultural produce worth thousands of crores had been wasted due to in adequate storage structure and lack of post harvest technology.
   This is the aspects which need serious consideration especially in the context of the Indian condition and it is for the fact that in India although some achievements have been made but some of the worlds negative indices still haunts the people of India.
   In India there are reports that thousands of people or may be above are malnourished and suffer from hunger. While in other parts food grain is wasted but on the opposite thousands suffers from hunger is one of the contrasting factors that should be dealt.

    Good moments for the farmers as well as the Government, at least the primary sector seem to be in the right track.

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