Wednesday 30 November 2011


Jackfruit Then:-

    Jackfruit is the name widely known in Tripura because of its popularity and availability since long time. In Tripura, there are different types of Jackfruit like soft pulp, hard pulp and small sized to large sized with unique flavor, taste and reducing sugar content.
     Jackfruit being the summer fruit comes up during the month of May to July and sometime extends up to August.
Usage of Jackfruit:-

     Both ripened and tender fruit are used in the state. Tender fruit is used as vegetable delicacy and ripened fruits are consumed in fresh. There is a saying that every part of the jackfruit is useful due to its various usages starting from fresh ripened fruit to timber of the Jackfruit plant. Even the left over part of the fruit i.e., the pericarp is also used as animal feed.
     One of the important bye products of the ripened Jackfruit is the seed which of good nutritive value with good starch content. A mid sized fruit gives about 500 Grams of Jackfruit seeds.
Present scenario of Jackfruit:-

     There was a time; Jackfruit was considered to be one of the cheapest fruit in the state. A fruit used to be sold in mere two to five rupees however; this has changed over times due to declining trends of Jackfruit plantation in the state.
Jackfruit Value Addition:-

    The department of agriculture is pursuing to produce value added items from Jackfruit like Pickle, Beverage and Juice etc. In the present market, it is full with Pineapple, Orange, Apple and Litchi juice; a good and value added jackfruit product would fill the vacuum of canned juice demands in the market.
    The state Government is supporting the entrepreneurship in this sector. Entrepreneur of the state can take up the venture with diversified agriculture product based activities that would be much appreciated in the state by ensuring employment and income avenues.


  1. A Jackfruit is fast growing tropical Asian tree of the mulberry family.The very large edible fruit of this tree is resembling a nutrient product.The seed of this fruit is called as woodstone.
    The amazing thing is that Jackfruit is a national fruit(locally called Kathal)of our neighboring country of Bangladesh, and it is indigenous to Africa, Brazil and Southeast Asia, which weighs up to 100 pounds, is used in Deserts.
    The Jackfruit has played a significant role in Indian agriculture for centuries.Archeological findings in India have revealed that Jackfruit was cultivated in India 3000 to 6000 years ago.A jackfruit plantis maturing in 35 to 40 years for good furniture or climber.In commercial availability jackfruit is good for in world market because in many countries jack fruit is not found so the supply of jack fruit is so good in national market for farmers and others.The whole of the tree is used, like leaves are used for cattle farming, the trunk of the tree used for furniture especially for musical instrument,for windows, doors,roof making etc many more.The fruit is used as in vegetable and ripen both process are delicious.Jackfruit is very famous in the world the market or plantation of jackfruit is very profitable for our country.

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