Thursday 8 December 2011

Bird Flu the Avian Influenza: In the Closer Periphery of Attack.

     Recent media reports indicated that Bird Flu, the Avian Influenza has struck again in West Bengal, Assam and neighboring Bangladesh.
    In the middle of the September, 2011 there was mass killing of fowls in one district of West Bengal due to Bird Flu Virus but after couple of month’s times, it has again reappeared in these regions. This is indicative that the Bird Flu Virus remains in the regions and not disappeared.
   The State Government in Animal Resource Development Department has already restricted the movement of poultry products from West Bengal, Assam and porous Indo-Bangladesh border has been sealed to prevent the entry of poultry products from neighboring Bangladesh.
   It has become apparent that the deadly virus could not be controlled; it is only the temporarily managing the situation through culling of infected birds, vaccines etc. the Virus is stated to be acquiring more virulence with the evolution of new mutant strain.
   As the Bird Flu Virus has invaded the neighboring Bangladesh, so it has already reached to the closest periphery of one of the most sensitive zones as far as the Tripura state is concerned. Though, the entry of poultry product may be controlled or prevented, but there are many elements that can hardly be controlled directly by the manmade obstruction and intervention.
    The migratory birds which at this season are plenty in Tripura could be carrier of this deadly Virus for spread of Bird Flu Virus in this state.
    Now the best we can do is keeping vigilant the movement of the poultry products and migratory birds; in addition poultry farm owners have to be extra cautious for contamination through any external factors.
  Similarly, hens and ducks of villages should be strictly monitored to avoid any untoward incident that could take place in the absence of careful mind.
   Agritangkol dated: 22/11/2011 at 6.00P.M

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