Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Mushroom Cultivation: Few Scenes and Scenario in Tripura.

Know the mushroom:-

     Mushroom, the fruiting body of fungus is widely known edible protein rich food. In terms of suitability for consumption, there are two types of mushroom; edible and non-edible. In edible mushroom, there are two types, one, wild edible mushroom and edible cultivated mushroom.
   In edible mushroom also there are two types, one, pleuratus and two, button type of mushroom. Of course, there are many more types of mushrooms that are available naturally.

Mushroom in Tripura:-

   In Tripura both wild and cultivated mushroom are available .Cultivated mushroom available in Tripura belongs to Pleuratus group. Of course, in the market another type of mushroom is also available and it is Button mushroom which is available in the processed form.
   In nature, the Button mushroom is not available in Tripura; some say it is for the fact button mushroom is grown using horse manures. In Tripura, wild edible mushrooms are found during the monsoon season in the forest areas.
    In addition to the edible mushrooms, there are many non-edible mushrooms that are available in Tripura and grows abundantly in the shoddy areas of forest. However, wild edible mushroom is seasonal as said; it is only during the monsoon season those wild edible mushrooms grows and are available in the market for sale.

Acceptability and popularity of mushroom in the state

   In Tripura, mushroom is accepted and liked by all, it is for that reason during monsoon season wild edible mushroom is sold in sky rocketing prices. Presently, in the market cultivated mushroom could not be said as available, it is very meager and production is carried out by handful of people of the state. Thus the produce availability in the market is very less posing lot of demands.
   Whatever is available in the market, mushroom is sold within a moment of its appearance in the marketing by the sales person. As said, it is the enthusiastic people/farmer who produces this cultivated mushroom otherwise getting cultivated mushroom in the state is matter of dream only.

Activities of the Agriculture Department:-

    The state department of agriculture has established many mushroom laboratories for production of mushroom spawn and supply to the mushroom growers of the state. In addition, training is also conducted to the farmers about the technical know how of the mushroom cultivation in the state.
   Agriculture department is the primary department for ensuring the spread of mushroom cultivation in the state.

Present scenario and scope of Mushroom cultivation:-

    In Tripura, looking to the acceptability and popularity for wild edible mushrooms and also the edible cultivated mushroom, it may perhaps be assumed that the mushroom cultivation is quite promising in the state. Any scalable production would definitely find good markets in Tripura due to huge demands by the people.
   However, the concept of mushroom cultivation and its popularization in the state is yet to turn up even after several years of persuasion by the agriculture department.
     Cultivated mushroom spawn is available in the mushroom laboratories of state agriculture department in almost all agriculture sub-division of the state. Although the techniques of mushroom cultivation is very easy and affordable but and adoption is the aspect that is yet to materialize in the state.
      But, why the concept is taking so long time should be examined in relation to the extension mechanisms that have been applied for imparting training and adoption mechanisms.
     Mushroom cultivation does not require huge investment and spaces, the only requirement being the fine rice straws, polyethylene bag, mushroom spawn and time watering.
      There is market demands, mushroom spawn is available in cheap and affordable rates, production procedures are easy to follow and implement but still mushroom cultivation is not in the right trajectory of adoption by the people of the state is matter of concern.
     This is the only practice that any one can take up on their own without requiring the tag of farmers but due to unknown reasons it is not yet adopted in the scale.
     Farmers, diversification is the mantra for increasing the farm income and economic self reliance and mushroom cultivation is undoubtedly one of the profitable diversification activities.
     Agriculture department, finding the clues for delaying the adoption by the farmers are the reasons to be studied and refined for acceptance and adoption by the farmers.
    Agritangkol dated 26.11.2011 at 10.00 A.M


  1. In Tripura the climate condition is so nice and affordable. In this soil many types of creatures are survive and full fill there requirements. Soil of Tripura is very cultivated and fertile so many kind of species of plants,trees,herbs,shrubs are found here. In all this things there is a kind of fungus are found called as Mushroom. The Mushroom is a species of fungus some species/variety of mushroom are consume by human beings. It is very tasty and healthy even it is full of proteins.
    After reading this topic about mushroom I am very excited but, there is a draw backs about mushroom which is not shown/written in this topic that in some cases mushroom is proved as poison. Sometime newspaper published about mushroom that some people are admitted or die for consumption of wild or poisonous mushroom. Although mushroom is so good and tasty if production of mushroom has been taken under safe and healthy methods so, it is harmless for all.
    In our Tripura if we want to catch the market or popularity of mushroom then we advertise it in newspaper and televisions. However the matter is that it is a very profitable business and cheaply for producers.
    thank you

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