Wednesday 28 December 2011

Promotion for food processing industries in India

    Recent news paper notification of the Ministry of food processing Industries, Government of India should draw the attention of the budding entrepreneurs of the country.
     The Ministry had already facilitated for set up of “scheme for technology up gradation/establishment/modernization of food processing industries” through financial aids under grants-in-aid for setting up of food processing industries in the country by the interested individual stake holder, self help group as the case may be.
     Financial grants for developing technical and civil works of the plant would be provided up to 25% of the total set up cost subject to maximum ceiling of rupees fifty lakhs in normal case in general areas and states. Enhanced grants to the tune of 33.33% of the total set up cost subject to maximum ceiling of rupees seventy five lakhs would be provided in the remote and hilly places like Jammu and Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Sikkim, north eastern states and Andaman and Nicobar Islands.
    In the scheme, sectors like fruit and vegetable processing, consumer industry, dairy technology, grain milling, wine and beer manufacturing, meat and poultry processing and fish processing are considered for promotion with the considerable share of monetary assistance by the Ministry of food processing industry, Government of India.
     In Tripura, of course, this is the matter of all India level where there are only marginal food processing industries that bottlenecks the overall development of agriculture and allied sectors for employment generation and economic reliance.
    In my earlier post titled ‘agro-processing the growth engine of agriculture sector” some situation had been reflected about the gloom picture of food processing sectors in India.
    In Tripura, food processing sectors should be construed as sector that ever existed in the state. It is due to the fact that food processing especially the fruit and vegetable processing in the state is in minuscule level. Whatever is present on date that is NERAMAC is not functioning or closed most of the times in a year.
      Now, how to take this opportunity? And, who is finally paid off for the project to be set up? This is the opportunity for the entrepreneurs to take a stock and grab the start up promotion by the Government irrespective of places and regions because whoever sets up, it would finally pay off to the people of the state.
     Of course, there would be many interested ones to take a plunge on new venture but what he/she lacks is; how to get set go with the project? Opportunity do comes but how to harness this opportunity is another aspect.
     There was the news; once bamboo resource of the Tripura was considered to be suitable niche area for bamboo based paper industry. But, what happened finally was; many companies sent their men just to find out those resources available was not enough to sustain the bamboo based paper industry that required year long raw materials to function in continuity.
   Tripura in particular and India in general, food processing particularly fruit and vegetable processing is the need of the hour for fostering the aspiration of the people and their agriculture produces are marketed in the more vibrant manner for earning substantive income from the sectors.
     The Government in Industries and Commerce department of Tripura and other line department may require home works for preparing the blue print of resources available with a perspective plan for set up of fruit and vegetable processing industries in the state.
     First time entrepreneurs may require this detail for analyzing and finalizing after answering the questionnaire of industry/plant set up in suitable areas.
    The government of India in Ministry of food processing industries(mofpi) is giving special attention for the food processors, bankers and industry associations who are interested to set up food processing industry in north eastern states.
    The concerned state Government should also ensure the good things to happen in the state; this is the time for concerned department to organize state level meets to discuss the issue and settle the project to the suitable contenders if any for the greater cause.
  Bankers of the state should also give practical and pragmatic approach to the project and come forward for help to the interested individual or groups through loan in affordable interest rate thereby ensuring to set up food processing industry in the state.
    Agritangkol dated 09.12.2011 at 11.03 P.M


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