Sunday 15 January 2012

Food Inflation below (-) 2.90 per cent: Hopes, All are Happy except Farmers!

      The year 2011 had witnessed many events in the country; amongst many such events, inflation was one such subject that has been widely discussed and debated by the Government, different political parties and of course by the economists.
    This unprecedented and most enduring inflation had affected the common people as almost all essential commodities had been subjected to the price escalation which was going beyond the reach of the common people of the country.
     Finally, the growth retardant “inflation” has come down to a level that is beyond the expectation by any one. Media reports indicated that food inflation in India has come down to the below -2.90 per cent according to the NDTV. This negative inflation trend has been reported since last week onwards.
       This is indicatives that, all the food stuff which were used to be sold in exorbitant high prices are now available in cheap (very cheap) and affordable prices.
     Now, what is the effect of such sudden and abrupt downslides of food inflation? Of course, there is no denying that almost all people leaving behind certain groups would be highly delighted to the situation. Happy because, they could save some money in this situation like never before.
       The other groups as referred who could not be the part with delighted group are the farmers, growers and producers. Why they could not be part of the delighted group is; their produce Onion is sold in rupees three per kilogram, their produce Potato is sold in rupees four. Their produce are piled up in the road side and subjected to rotting due to want to buyer.
     This trendy inflation; the situation although seems to be positive indication as far as economy of the country is concerned but in other side there is also miserable aspects that the farmers are facing in the current situation.
      Well, how the food inflation has come down to the below -2.90 per cent level is the matter known and best described by the Government, the policy makers. But the question is; does it involve the farmers’ miseries?
        Already, there are reports for demands for support price for certain produce by the farmers across the country and some states have already declared support price for produce like sugarcane.
     If negative food inflation affects negatively to the farming communities then farmers debt would surmount to the next level; in that case we may not expect for another golden harvest in next season.

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