Wednesday 11 January 2012

Litchi: Should it be promoted as Profitable Farm Activities?

         Litchi, a fruit crop of Tripura is in critical juncture of furtherance and deterrence. This is because of its economic non-viability and too much land requirement. In one side there is comparatively more land requirement and on the other hand economic viability is in question due to meager production.
       The state department is promoting the litchi cultivation in the state to the farming communities since long time. Although no remarkable solo litchi plantation had come up in the field level but there are several government farms of litchi plantation standing tall and serving the thirst of the people for a few days period during the season.
      Litchi plantation requires lots of space due to luxurious growth of the tree but the yield period is mere one week or two, within these short periods all fruits gets ripened and drops or harvested. What is the profitability of litchi? No records to show any promising income from litchi plantation!
      Economically, litchi is not viable to be cultivated or planted as solo fruit crop in any given plot of land. Nevertheless, some kinds of interest and persuasion by the farmers and the department are observed.
       To be precisely speaking in the matter, litchi fruit plants should not be discouraged but in the same time, it may not be advisable for going solo with the litchi, it can be tried with other fruit crops. Litchi suits best for homestead maintenance for family requirement and consumption.
   Agritangkol dated 30.12.2011 at 10.00 A.M

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  1. After study the actual fact about litchi, I realize that litchi is a seasonal fruit which is able able in those days, but without seasonal it is very expensive so this fruit is staralize by some company's and make it to drink like litchi drink, fruit drink etc. In other sense Litchi tree is take long time to grow or mature to produce fruits. There are many kinds of breed of Litchi, which is very delicious and tasty to eat. In some cases I study that the flower of Litchi is useful to make honey, by honeybees. In those days there are many scope of Litchi trees to produce Litchi in short time by the method of cutting, budding etc.
    If we take the matter seriously about the fact of Litchi then it would be work in progress.