Saturday 7 January 2012

Squash Cultivation in Jampui Hill of Tripura


      Squash, a cool crop has finally made its root in Tripura. The state government in agriculture department has successfully created interest in the mind of the people of the Jampui hill to take the squash cultivation in their land quite successfully and economically.
      Squash is crawler species which is said to be thrived best in the cool climate and in screened sunlight condition. In Tripura as the climatic condition of Tripura is hot and humid climate leaving one area that is Jampui hill a bit cooler place has sustained the good cropping in the state.
     In Tripura, in earlier cases, squash used to be brought from the nearest state of Meghalaya but now -a-days there is a fusion of both Meghalaya squash and Tripura squash in the market.

Present scenario of Squash cultivation in Tripura

     At present squash is cultivated in the Jampui hill in the sloppy terrain but it has not been explored in other places due to single biggest factor of climatic suitability. It is believed that the squash is suitable in the cool climate so leaving behind the Jampui hill, all other places in Tripura are bit hot and humid this is owing to this reason that this squash crop is not yet tried in other places of Tripura.
     Nevertheless, squash could also be tried in the similar hill region like Lontharai, Sakhanthang, Sermon and Atharamura region which are bit cool compare to other places but not similar to the climatic condition of the Jampui hill.

Future Prospects of Squash Cultivation in Tripura

     Squash crop in Tripura shows promising due to the fact that it has lots of demands in the market. People of the state consider squash as healthy and nutritious. Ailing people also prefer the squash due to easy digestive nature and other nutrients that contains in the squash fruit.
     In Tripura squash is used as vegetable in whole culinary preparation and also used in boiled condition by health conscious people. People of the state consider squash as qualitative vegetable to boost the health of recently treated patient.

Governmental Promotion for Squash Cultivation in Tripura

    The state government in agriculture department is promoting the squash cultivation in the state. In their first phase of implementation, the agriculture department has started the scheme with the Jampui hill where they has made it quite successful adoption by the people.
     However, same is yet to materialize in other places of the state. The state government in agriculture department should pursue the matter in other places for bringing the sea change in the implementation and adoption of the squash cultivation in the state.
    This squash cultivation is fairly profitable in the state due to demand and supple situation. Moreover, as is evident from Jampui hill, its cultivation and acclimatization in that area is quite successful.

Marketing aspects of Squash in Tripura

    Marketing aspect of the squash cultivation in the state is posing little anxiety to the squash farmers of the state. This is due to the fact that communication from Jampui hill to Agartala and also in other places is quite problematic. It is therefore suggested that a good chain of transportation management should be devised by the state government in agriculture department.
      Proper communication strategy in terms of transportation of the squash product is the need of the hour for thriving squash cultivation in the Jampui hill. As the produce is quite successful in terms of its acceptability and demands in all regions therefore Marketing Avenue should be opened in other areas for earning profitable income by the squash farmers of the Jampui hill.

Challenge in Squash Cultivation in Tripura

      At present the main challenges in squash cultivation are as follows:-
        1. Increasing and economic scale cultivation of squash in Jampui hill and elsewhere.
        2. Spreading the concept of squash cultivation in other places of the state.
    3. Marketing aspect of the squash products should be explored in all places for harnessing the, market potentialities.
    Agritangkol dated 30.12.2011 at 10.00 A.M

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