Monday 19 September 2011

Agriculture farming stills the job of aging population.

There have been media reports that our primary sector; agriculture farming is carried out by the aging population and it is not the case of India alone but also all over the world.
 The average of age of farming population is said to be more than 50 years and they are the population of previous generation. Our Gen X, let alone the Gen Y are not inclined at our primary sectors.
 Theirs is the case of high sophistication with maximum comfort. But, this cannot remain forever; our youth should take the mantle and transform the agriculture farming to the next level.
If the sector is not charming, it is your choice to make it more stable and competitive. While the sector however may be the case but dependency has been increasing day by day due to increase of population.
 Our youth know the agriculture is little bit of sowing / planting and reaping affairs but things have changed and it is becoming very dynamic and challenging.
 Therefore, the sector can not be kept aside and our young population has a great role to transform the sector into more economical and affable by all.
Of course, in some countries like America, young population has been motivated right from their schooling stage and it would definitely make a difference to the youth in their understanding for the primary sector.
 If this type of motivation is ensured in every region or country, surely the sector would slowly move from aging population to the younger generation in more scientific manner with competitive edge.
 Many heart enchanting talks by the luminaries are basically for the  opportunities in  manufacturing and infrastructure sectors of heavy industries for achieving great economic reliance but side by side Agriculture the word should also be heard from big corporate houses although, it may not give them scale and score but then young  people will be motivated.
Now, it is youth to decide whether the sector to be their domain or keep it sidelined.
It is the hard reality that people come from the Agriculture background also but tends to forget the sector later on, why?


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  2. The 3 basic needs of every living organism is air, water and food. As long as we are on this earth we can't deny these three vital elements. Being a social and developed race, to satisfy the demand of food we have no other means except Agriculture. So, if the experience of the elders and the enthusiasm of the young generation is utilized simultaneously then it can be surely predicted that we will not see another famine on this blue planet....

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