Tuesday 20 September 2011

Business with real humanity.

Till date the year 2011 had the witnessed many unforeseeable incidence which pained the mankind to a great extent.
 In recent time, our fellow brothers and sisters had to undergo a great mental and physical agony by losing their near and dear and witnessing their hard earned belonging destroyed in no time.
Japan, a country till now has been adjusting the nature’s wrath had met an un-precedent and non-predictable TSUNAMI of the century. This tsunami had diminished the bustling coastal region of Japan into a virtual junkie.
 The bustling town with magnificent structure had been de-established all including hugely protected nuclear reactor bringing the problem to the un-surmountable proportion.
Thousands of acres of agriculture land had been destroyed and diluted with salt carried by the towering water wave of the Japanese sea. It is reported that more than 58,000 acres of paddy land became non-suitable for paddy cultivation.
 It was further reported that this tsunami had brought loss to the tune of 4 billion US Dollar. People of the region become homeless and jobless.
The state requested international help for re-construction of the region and hence many reliefs started pouring.
In recent reports, Japanese corporate houses, companies have come forward and extended help in reviving the region and bringing back the agriculture farming and job creation for the people.
 The huge tracks of agriculture land which become non-suitable for paddy cultivation due to salt accumulation has been tried differently for productive purposes. It is reported that cotton is salt tolerant so, Japanese farmers with help of the Government and other concerned agencies have started cultivation of cotton crops in salt soaked paddy field.
 Many agencies have freely distributed the cotton seeds to the farmers. Different corporate houses of the country have come out and working hand in hand with the government for reviving the region devastated by the tsunami.
 These corporate houses have given commitment to procure the cotton from the region and this is part of their corporate social responsibility program. All these efforts would definitely help in reconstruction of heavily ravaged region by the tsunami.
This nature’s furry has been reported from India and America too. In India, a huge tracts of lands had been inundated by the flood water due to heavy down pour, heavily damaged the crops and other properties of the people.
 This short of problem creates lots of burden to the farming communities which is causing or de-establishing sometimes permanently asset created by the people.
In America too, IRENE has created lots of havoc to the people. TV news reflected a horrific scene of IRENE, a well built house flying like card house.
 This has greatly damaged the people and the country. In such situation, if we all participate voluntarily and help in re-building then the people and nation can recover very effectively.
It is expected that in America also different corporate houses however the economic state of affairs have come forward and contributed to the people and the nation.
 As the saying by the legendary industrialist “Whatever has come or earned has gone to the public several times”.

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  1. Now-a-days Corporate houses have taken up several issues related to socio-economic development as part of their C.S.R program and this type of gesture is really forthcoming and appreciable. In India,TATA is known for their commitment towards the greater mass.