Saturday 24 September 2011

Second Green Revolution

Recent media reports suggest that Government of India is seriously considering for a concerted program on second green revolution in India.
 Recently, PMO’S suggested (news alert) for ushering the resources for second green revolution is the proven facts of the matter. It is suggested that in the proposed program of second green revolution, main theme will be on oilseeds and pulses crops.
 Another interesting fact is eastern part of the country will be thrust area for ushering the second green revolution. People of the region are naturally and eagerly waiting for that to happen.
In first green revolution of India, food grain crops especially wheat had played an important role for ushering the first green revolution and this has had prolonged effect till now.
 It is for the fact that food grain production in India has almost reached ultimate goal although there were contrasting picture of un-even distribution or pattern of production optimization of food grain crops.
Now, the proposed program of giving central theme to the oil seeds and pulses crops naturally deserves the attention in the perspective of present trends of production and import dependency of edible oil.
Although, special emphasis would be given to the eastern part but pan India like movement is expected.
As far as eastern region covering north eastern region is concerned, it is relevant to mention that oil seeds and pulses crops alone will not be an area of exploration especially in north eastern India because in these region excepting the Brahmaputra River basin of Assam and Loktak region of Manipur, maximum area is under hilly region so, ushering the proposed themes of oilseed and pulses crops alone may not yield good result in the region.
 Here, in the north eastern region, a composite approach covering all suitable crops for hilly regions will be very much fruitful.
This second green revolution is expected to be initiated in the 12th five year plan starting form 2012-13 onwards.
 However, it may also appropriate to mention that along with the visionary idea of second green revolution, one more important aspect that is development of agricultural infrastructure should also be considered to prevent the post harvest loss and channeling the product for proper distribution and marketing of agriculture produce by the farmers of the country and, another aspect that should also be given a chance is capacity building of the farmers.
It is expected that, with the good works of the agricultural scientists and other functionaries and guidance  of the  eminent Agriculture Scientist Dr. M.S. Swaminathan who played leading role in first green revolution, this country would surely achieve the desired objective of second green revolution.

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