Wednesday 21 September 2011

Seismic Warning: North –Eastern India

On 18th September, 2011 in Indian time, a shock wave has temporarily stopped the festive moods of the people of north-eastern region of India. On that day, earth quake of 6.8 magnitudes in the Richter scale has created fear and frustration to the people of the region.
 This mild as said by the Indian meteorological department has affected parts of north-eastern regions of India and also neighboring Bangladesh and Nepal.  
Indian meteorological department has said that the centre of Geological disturbance or focus point of this earth quake was approximately 10 Kilometer below the earth surface of Indo (Sikkim) Nepal border.
This nature’s wrath has ceased 66 lives majority from Sikkim followed by West Bengal and Bihar. In Sikkim, this earth quake has devastated the people by damaging lives & Properties. The maximum affect has been recorded in the small state of north eastern state; Sikkim.
It has reminded the people of the north-eastern region being under the seismic zone- V to be more careful enough.
 North–Eastern states of India lies in the foot hills of the mighty Himalaya which is known as the young fold mountain in the world, because unlike any other mountain, it is still growing.
North-eastern states being hilly region with very sensitive geo-topographical position could be prone to the huge damage by the earth quakes. The regions as already declared as seismic prone zone by Seismologist should be more careful in tackling any such eventualities.
The Government has already taken pro-active steps to counter any such eventualities in future by framing the state wide Disaster Management Co-ordination mechanisms and creating awareness to the people.
In the schools also, disaster management a chapter has been dedicated completely for understanding the disaster caused due to flood, earth quakes, fire and tsunami etc.
But, despite these, still there is a loophole in spreading the awareness amongst the people of the region. Special stress must be given to these regions because people of these region being the native of hilly terrain dwells in the house constructed in the sloppy hills due to lack of plain area.
 And, these are the most vulnerable groups that could be the first target of any such eventualities.
So, the Government should come out with a strategic and more convincing model for the people of the regions otherwise lives of the regions will be in danger.
Another vulnerable point is people of the region construct houses using locally available material like mud and these surely, would not withstand even few points more magnitudes which recently had created these entire problem.


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  2. Formation and destruction are two sides of the same coin. Very often it is heard that, Prevention is better than Cure. But till date we can't prevent the massive damages caused by the nature earth. Though due to scientific and technological development we are rushing at a supersonic speed but before the devastating forces of nature we, the so called master of the globe, become helpless creatures. What we can do, is just to watch the calamities silently and then try to cure the injuries with deep agony........