Sunday 6 November 2011

Flood, Earthquake, Snow Storm: Mother Nature is Ultimate.

Mother Nature: You are the Ultimate:

To begin with, I would like to put the previous remnant that I tried to elaborate as to how the Mother Nature is taking its own course of action. 
Ultimatum of mother nature has been abound now-a-days that is the reason, we human being, not exactly only human beings but all living beings had to suffer the wrath of mother nature by engulfing show off of flood, earthquake and snowstorm etc. Millions of people affected and thousands perished due to the furry of Mother Nature.
We, the people, since our evolution to the present form had been witnessing the debilitation mode of the Mother Nature. Since, then we might have learned a lot as to how to avoid and escape from the devastating flood, earthquake, fire, tsunami and snow storm etc.
But, till date, our learning, improvement, advancement and prediction had been outmaneuvered by the natural calamities. When, it happens, ours years of labor and achievement had been washed out within the moment.
There is no denying that we have progressed to a great extent and we learnt to live comfortably and peacefully without the fear that our forefathers of generations had to face in their existence on the planet earth.
 However, that fear of fight or confrontation with the beast has not been there as we move forward but natural calamity has been and seems to be recurring more often then not. It is as if in every quarter or may be little earlier than that of has been taking place around the world.

Flood in Thailand:

Recently, Thailand is in the new and the country is fighting the loss battle of flood which is reported to be the natural calamity in 50th years of its history. This flood water has inundated lakhs acres of land in Northern Province of Thailand.
More so is flood water is reported to be progressing towards capital Bangkok. This worst flood has so far claimed 370 lives and millions of people become homeless. 
The river Choufraya is swelling above the threat level and it is already 2.47 meters up from mean level. This exaggeratedly swelling of river water may break the dam so is devastation of Bangkok
The city dwellers of Bangkok is already in scary and moved to safer places but the relief camps are now over burdened. This worst flood is the result of last two months incisive rainfall of the monsoon. 
Usually, monsoonal rainfall do not extends beyond October but this un-usual extension over a prolong period of time has resulted in flood and misery to the people.
Recent media report suggest that one fourth of capital city Bangkok is inundated with flood water. 
This natural disaster of scale had compelled the country to think otherwise for safety and security of the people and their property. American sea hawk helicopter is in constant observation of the situation and appraisal for the country.

Earthquake in Turkey:

In other part of the world is also in crisis due to natural disaster. Turkey, which witnessed the worst earthquake in the August 17, 1999 which claimed more than 14000 lives and made homeless to 200000 people, has again strike the country.
On October 23, 2011, 7.2 scale magnitude of earthquake has killed more than 596 people that strike in the eastern province von.
During this onset of winter, this earthquake has created lots of problem to the people of the country. Again, thousands of people become homeless and relief camp over burdened.
Turkey which is geologically one of the seismic prone zones has again been devastated by the natural disaster.

Snow Storm in America:

These, natural calamities of flood and earthquake did not stop in these two countries, mother nature as I said is in show off mode has turned on to the America. 
In America, sudden and rave snow storm in the Northern Province has claimed 9 lives and two million people and businesses are left out without power. This rare snow storm that strike in north-eastern province of America has brought 3 billion dollar damage.
Now, coming to the points associated with these natural calamities, all these disasters are causes of inherent natural and geological factors and however, finger pointing towards man made disaster too.
In Thailand, the recent and ongoing flood is suspected to be the causes of urban expansion, deforestation and climate change.
Extension of urban area puts pressure on land, more precisely forest land so is deforestation. Deforestation do take place for other activities too like agriculture expansion, legal and illegal felling of trees but regeneration is least concerned. 
All these had influenced on climate change and climatic change has brought out all sorts of natural calamities for which mankind had to suffer.
In America, this rare snow storm as opposed to its normal timing is also the cause of Global warming. Of course, there are several schools of thoughts; one sees as the effect of global warming and, indication of early and snowy winter other, see it as El Nino.
Whatever may be the thought; there are reasons that are closely connected to climate change due to our greedy deeds. However, it is least assured and least bothered. May be the IPCC would come out and brief the causes of recurrence of natural disaster to the people.
In Turkey, it is highly deliberated that it was the cause of inherent geological disturbances that has caused this earthquakes. Turkey, it is primarily due to Anatolian Fault zone that has nothing to do with human intervention.

Seismic Warning: North East India

In Tripura, a north eastern state of India along with sister states of the region is also under seismic prone zone. In my earlier post, I had elaborated the one such earthquake that has claimed lives in the north-eastern states and neighboring Bangladesh, Nepal and Bhutan.
During that time, Sikkim a tiny state has suffered a lot due to such tremor. North-eastern states as already mentioned are lying in the seismic prone zone-V.
Recently concerned department of the Government of India has alerted the state Government of Tripura as two districts of the state are highly seismic prone zone. North and Dhalai districts of Tripura are warned to be in highly seismic prone zone. 
This is enough for the people and Government to act and prepare for eventualities that may inflict on the people.
On 02/11/2011, there was a seminar on the topic and elaborated disaster management mechanism which was attended by the official from Government of India, Chief Minister of Tripura and administrative officials of the state.
I hope the seminar has shed some insights in taking or managing the natural disaster in more rapid and effective manner.
We, the people should come forward and orient towards the movement for better managing the natural disaster otherwise, unprepared state could be hugely affected due to such recurrence if ever happened.
We have no control on Mother Nature, let us learn from nature and manage the situation.

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