Friday 4 November 2011

Agriculture Extension: Strategic Approach

The present state of dissemination of news and scientific approach to the farming communities lacks concerted efforts. 
The information so destined and reaches to the target groups is blurred and lacks clarity. When information is not reached properly to the target groups, reaction and interaction in the target group is less expected.
In agriculture so as to say that adoption of any new scientific approach of agriculture farming requires good extension mechanism for good feedback. 
In India, for that matters in every country even with the presently available good techniques can do wonder in the field of agriculture but whatever had been devised or developed have not been properly implemented or executed to the grass root level.
Agriculture extension mechanism involves chains of networks of agricultural functionaries who actually disseminate the information to the target groups and act as a catalyst too. 
The system in the nutshell follows; research centre develop or devise new techniques or module followed by extensive field trial followed by decision for popularization through extension networks.
In the process of popularization of new methods to the farming communities, extension workers are first trained for the new techniques which they later on disseminates to the farming communities through a specific scheme clubbed with existing schemes. In India, department of agriculture perform this job.
Now, the effectiveness of extension mechanism is concerned, it is not up to the mark. Reason of weak and in-effective extension mechanism may be many but there are certain, points that have to be looked into for creating effective extension mechanism networks.
The functionaries should be dedicated and accustomed to work in the rural environment where the target groups live and lead life. The present set of establishment that had already been existed should be utilized properly for bringing any sea change. 
The professional that is agricultural professional should keep in mind that theirs is the job of extreme situation and should not expect to lead a air-conditioned environment the  professional should love their job so is their target groups.
Unless and until you love your job objective of your knowledge so acquired will be of no use in puritan opinion.
Another aspects that I would to like share is the very teaching methods that agriculture students learns in their undergraduate and post graduate courses. 
All through the course period students are taught several aspects of general agriculture covering every disciplines of agriculture. It could be said that the present system is more of a classroom teaching rather than well designed field experience study.
Of course, theoretical is must before eye witnessing the real field environment but co-relating the theoretical knowledge with field level actualization should play more important role in real learning experience.
 In the process a void like situation which acts as barrier between the real field level job and their in room experience would diminish or decrease and professional will be more accustomed to the field level job.
What I want to say is; dedication and devotion to the job and if these elements are not overcome then whatever the development in the research lab will mot actually reflects and materialize  in the field level.
 Therefore, strategic extension mechanism should be devised   otherwise any research efforts and innovative ideas will not help in adoption of new techniques or technical know how. 

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