Wednesday 15 May 2013

Few steps on Pineapple cultivation

      Decades ago pineapple was one of the prominent fruit crop of Tripura however, over the years it's popularity in terms of total area under cultivation has dwindled.
      There was lots of hope and aspiration around pineapple; even pineapple processing plant had also come into existence but, all these hops and aspiration around pineapple seems to have taken in otherwise these days.
      Reason for present spat of development could be many but as a fruit, it's demand will not diminish.
      Therefore,any one venturing into pineapple cultivation in the present circumstances  will definitely profit from his pineapple orchard.
      Pineapple cultivation in the state is quite traditional as it's evident from it's presence in almost all areas of the state.
     Hence,people's knowledge in pineapple cultivation is quite common and easy,let it be learned or acquired knowledge.
     Let us plunge into cultivation aspects of pineapple.
Mode of propagation:-
   ii.Slip and.
Soil condition:-
   a.adaptable to grow in various types of siol.
   b.ligh soil ensure good quality fruit. addition,sandy loam & laterite soils are also suitable.
   d.soil pH:4.5 to 6.5
Climatic condition:-
   a.Temperature requirement 18 degree centigrade to 24 degree centigrade.
   b.Freezing temperature not suitable.
   c.Decreased temperature increases acidity of fruit.
   d.Requires high rainfoll from 1500 to 2000 mm anrually.
   e.Scorching sun is not desirable however, complete shade is also not suitable.
Planting methods of pineapple:-
   a.Heavy and torrential rain is avoided for pineapple planting.
   b.In Tripura condition,pineapple is planted from the month of August to November.
   c. In Tripura,since,pineapple is cultivated in gentle slope to sloppy hills and hence,irrigation is never considered.
   d.In Tripura,single row and hapaghard system of spacing is followed in most cases which accomodates not more than 25,000 nos. of pineapple suckers/slips/crown per ha.
   e.In high density planting,double row system is followed which can accomodate 63,000 suckers/slips/crown per ha.
   f.In double row system,plant to plant spacing is maintained at 25-30 cms.
   g.Row to row spacing within the bed is maintained at 45-60 cms.
   h.Spacing between 2(two) beds is maintained at 90-105 cms.
   i.White planting,soil around the plant should be tightly pressed.
   j. In case of pineapple cultivation no nursery bed is required.
Fertilizer management:-
    For optimum fruit size and yield manure and fertilizers application is aclvocated.
          However,in Tripura, generally fertilizers are not applies,pineapple comes up with inherent soil fertility.
          In case high density pineapple cultivation,there's bound to be requirement for manure and fertilizers application.
         Below are the recommended level of manure and fertilizers application in pineapple orchard.
        (a) 10 to 20 tonnes of cow dung manure per ha is applied before planting of pineapple plant.
        (b) In case of high density planting fertilizers viz:600 kg of N,400 kg of P and 60 kg of K is recomended.
         (c) Half the quantity of N and full quantities of P & K are applied 3(three) months after planting.
         (d)The remaining quantity of N is applied 10 to 12 months after planting.
Fruiting of pineapple:-
         (a)Flowering generally starts 12 months after planting.
         (b) In Tripura, fruit is marketed right from the month of June and continue to August.
          (c) Sign/indication of flowering can be anticipated once pineapple attains 40 -50 functional leaves.
          (d) maximum flowering occurs form the month of February to April.
          (e) In Tripura,there's off season flowering which matures during the month of January.
Production potential of pineapple:-
          (a) In Tripura,there was record size of kew pineapple reported to be 8 kg weight.
          (b) However,as nutrition management is not maintained therefore,average  production of pineapple in one ha remain within the range from 20 to 30 tonnes.
          (c) However,best managed and high density orchard can yield up to 50 to 60 tonnes per ha. 
         N:B: With the advancement in agriculture and variation of soils and agro-climatic  condition, actual package of practices for pineapple cultivation may vary place to place and country to country.

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