Monday 31 October 2011

Agriculture Sector: Resource Utilization is Main

India, the land of diversity is bestowed with highest average arable land of 52% whereas world average is 11%. It is for the fact that India employs more than 50% population in agriculture sector
In the world, India is the highest employer in the agriculture sector whereas in USA and UK and many other countries, percentage of population directly involved in agriculture sector is less than 4%.
But, there is contrasting indication as far as human development index is concerned, one report clarifies that eight out of ten impoverished families of the country live in rural area, three out of 4(four) Indian rural dwellers is dependent on Agriculture sector.
 Such is the phenomenon of the agricultural scenario in the country where maximum relies on. Though agriculture is our primary sector and supports our one of the basic fundamental requirement but agriculture sector remained unorganized and un-rewarding.
    As illustrated in the foregoing Para, since, India is in better resource position as far as cultivable land is concerned, good opportunity lies with the people of India for better endeavor by effective resource utilization. 
   The point is, agriculture sector should transform from traditional subsistence form of farming to more vibrant economical form. The natural resources should be utilized properly and scientifically so that transformation in the sector is achieved. 
    This transformation may be achieved through latest agricultural technology and appropriate intervention in transferring the right techniques or technology at right time to the target groups that is our farming communities.
What I feel is, we are yet to realize or have no idea of potentiality of Indian agriculture sector and this potentiality can only be achieved through concerted efforts, technology transfer and scientific resource utilization. 
  In developed countries, although direct involvement in the agriculture sector is very less compare to India but still potentiality in terms of resource mobilization, utilization and production optimization is more.
In India, of course after many relentless research activities in the field of agriculture has brought out many paradigm shifts by producing and leading in horticultural crops, food grain etc in the world but there is a scope to realize more in terms of resource we possess. 
 And, still there are loopholes which work against overall development of agriculture sector and that has to be dealt more carefully.
The last Census report indicates that more than 70% of the population still relies on Agriculture sector for their livelihood. While in Census-2001 also reported the same reliance on agriculture sector but latest report is even more astounding as far as involvement of people in the agriculture sector is concerned.
Now, with the population exceeding more than billion, it seems the country has taken a re-shape of olden days as dependence on farming is increasing and it is more than 70% of the total population of the country that still relies on Agriculture sector
 But, what is the growth in agriculture sector? It is of course not encouraging trend as far as growth trajectory in the sector in concerned. The picture represents a definitive mismatch in terms of development or otherwise human development Index.
For a country to prosper, it should provide basic avenues to her people for their socio-economic prosperity. 
India, as illustrated, has unique eco-geological system which can sustain different activities, only the requirement being the appropriate assessment and utilization of resources at right time and right place.
Another aspect that I want to stress upon is; what would mean this resource utilization to us? Like every country in the world, one of the burning issue of the country is unemployment and this is  creating a lot of  problems for all of us.
Since, maximum population of the country is dependent on the agriculture sector, efforts should be made to achieve this sector in impressive growth trajectory and by doing so, I am optimistic that the burning issue of unemployment and also the poverty could be solved to a great extent.

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