Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Agriculture Produce and Pesticides Residue

It sounds strange that agriculture produce could be risky! This statement may be conjoined with related topic of agriculture viz: agriculture crops could be in risky position due to a biotic factors and biotic factors like insect pests and different pathogen and harsh climate. There is another related aspect that is the point of discussion here.
It is well known that present state of agriculture is outcome of several decades of advancement of agricultural science and technology. 
 Agriculture which was in subsistence type of farming has evolved to the present form of farming due to the influence of technological advancement in the field of agriculture. During the course of evolution, it has received every share of pros and cons.
 When soil fertility declines reason is depletion of soil nutrients, failure of crops, it is due to insect pest damage.  
 Now, the solution had been discovered and soil nutrients had to be replenished with the application of manure and chemical fertilizers. Controlling of insect pests and pathogens by chemical pesticides and naturally occurring bio-pesticides.
Now, the bad effects that has come with the good effects are; un-controlled application of chemical fertilizers and chemical pesticides to control the pests and diseases for obtaining good yield of agricultural crops.
The resultants affects are; soil health deteriorated, surrounding ecosystem gets affected due to over dose application of chemical pesticides. 
 The fauna which used to act as natural control measure for certain crops become extinct and chemical pesticides resistant pests come into existence and this has further accelerated the usages of chemical pesticides.
This overdose application of chemical pesticides and insecticides had completely devastated the fauna viz small fishes, snails, crabs and beneficial insects that used to be found in the agricultural field and water logged paddy field. 
 Now those fish species, snails and different species of crabs had completely disappeared from the aquatic environment of water logged paddy field. Beneficial insects which act as natural control to the crops pests had also disappeared. 
 These are the affects that has caused on the flora and fauna of agricultural ecosystem. Another aspect is; agricultural produce that is how the produce also influenced due to such maneuver.
Agricultural produce particularly the fresh produce like fruits and vegetables found in the markets are looked as suspicious due to over dosage application of chemical pesticides and fertilizers. But, there is no option but to rely on the same produce.
Well, there are rumor of pesticide abuse but nobody is ready to speak out at straight for they do not have concrete evidence that the fresh produce especially the fruits and vegetables had come to the market after completing the safety period of application of chemical insecticides and pesticides.
 No mechanism of controlling chemical pesticides abuse had been taken seriously. Ultimately the consumer had to buy and consume the products from the market, if the produces are good then fine but if it was otherwise also no option.
Some people presume that there would not be any chances to make any un-scrupulous use of chemicals as producer in turn consume the same products. The matter of the fact is how aware is our producers or farmers. 
 Do they have the knowledge of pesticides safety period? If answer is; then next question is; do they maintain the safety period? I personally do not know.
However, this should not continue and these presumption and assumption should not be the barrier to act strictly for ensuring pesticide safety observation and regulation. 
 This is for the fact that nobody knows how this pesticides residue interacts/reacts in our body system but the proven fact is chemical pesticides had completely destroyed different species of flora and fauna in the agricultural ecosystem.
Therefore, state department should formulate specific guidelines to stop insecticides and pesticides abuse and regulate that no Agricultural produce should be marketed that are produced out of insecticides and pesticides abuse.
This move will create awareness to both producers and consumers of agriculture produce. Let us don’t delay further otherwise; it would be risky affairs for the mankind.

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